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  1. I think it's interesting how this album is cursed from the very beginning - like, for real, since she first mentioned it in that letter. What a beautiful tragedy
  2. I would get a lot of hate if I say it lol it’s an artist who makes really great music and it’s pretty iconic but I don’t really like her personality, but again this is just a personal opinion anyway this is so off topic so nvm!
  3. Makes sense, but you know what I think? Lana has always wanted to be a part of a band, even when she posts about her concerts she says “we are going to play...” instead of “I am going to play...”, and when she played on Hollywood Bowl that was “Lana Del Rey + friends and family”, this is soooo cute, she is really humble, she’s not the type of superstar who thinks it’s all about her and who wants to be always in the spotlight (like **** ****), I think this is adorable
  4. LMLYLAW has been growing on me and I want to apologize because I said: “this song is just piano and some weird noises” but actually now I can hear a guitar in the bridge, also the “weird noises” are interesting
  5. The video is so cute!!! The song is growing on me now. She loves her friends and family that's so nice I love her
  6. West Coast has an energy to it, it’s like fire, she’s ALIVE and on fire on that song ughhh I love it LMLYLAWzzzzzzzzzzz.... what, oh, sorry I slept
  7. I don't think the song is similar to MAC, cause MAC has all of those guitars and details on the background, while LMLYLAW is just piano and some weird noises
  8. I don’t think it’s possible to create a fake Lana link with that domain, the link is definitely real we just don’t know for sure if it means anything
  9. This era has been so stressful that I don’t even know if I still want to hear this song to be very honest... I don’t want to be a bummer but I’m really tired of the whole Cotcc situation
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