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  1. Gaga singing NA at the inauguration...now that's a QUEEN moment
  2. Another Round/Druk (2020) A very good movie
  3. I swear it sounded like she said '...man, did I struggle to become the *ginuwine* singer-songwriter that I am...' She almost always sounds like she cried 10 mins before hitting the record button when she's defending herself Love the hair though
  4. I'd so love to be in the room when she decides to go off like this, I can't imagine the energy That said, the rolling stone mention
  5. The closest she'll be to my country since 2013... still hope it's virtual, my country literally has curfew til the 7th
  6. Pretty boring for the first listens, the outro is good though The merch sucks lol
  7. The revenge of the og nfr cover, just a pic of Lana chilling w/ her girlies lol Also, goodbye Dealer
  8. cellophane

    Taylor Swift

    evermore (deluxe version) available for streaming now!
  9. cellophane

    Miley Cyrus

    None of them are hers
  10. That logo/font is tight. Would look so dope on a t-shirt
  11. cellophane


    Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) coming January 1! https://grimes.ffm.to/missanthropoceneraveedition Tracklist: 1. “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Anna Remix)” 2. “Darkseid (with 潘PAN) (Richie Hawtin Remix)” 3. “Delete Forever (Channel Tres Remix)” 4. “Violence (with i_o) (Rezz Remix)” 5. “4ÆM (Original Mix)” 6. “New Gods (Tale Of Us & Âme Remix)” 7. “My Name Is Dark (Julien Bracht Remix)” 8. “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around (Things You Say Remix)” 9. “Before The Fever (Original Mix)” 10. “Idoru (Modeselektor Remix)” 11. “We Appreciate Power (with Hana) (BloodPop Remix)
  12. The only thing that pisses me off (per usual) is that she never speaks out when smth she promised gets delayed, like, tweet a quick lil 'cover album delayed, still working on it' and move on. Fans will understand. This is her 4th or 5th delayed project in a row.
  13. Been thinking abt this project lately but completely forgot that it's xmas already. What are the chances that it's actually coming, lol
  14. cellophane

    Taylor Swift

    Happy birthday, queen! On a separate note, this remix SLAPS
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