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  1. @Terrence Loves Me get in here. You said something was supposed to happen Wednesday...we trusted you
  2. No bc why did I have a dream last night that me and you were arguing here in the forum living rent free in our heads I fear
  3. Yes the Troubadour Stephen Sanchez is releasing his hit single "Evangeline", which samples Lana Del Rey's Lust For Life (title track)
  4. There's already a smear campaign so fuck it. 24 is better than Art Deco. And If Let The Light In sounds anything like it, it'll be a #1 hit in my household
  5. Not even phased by the fact I missed page 1000 bc we're gonna hit it 5 more times in the next week since Elle has at least 150 mores pages to clean up
  6. I'm imagining the drums of HFC, the jazzy brass and string section of Buddy's, and the lyrics of GKIT. Like a rocky jazz sound. Idk maybe I'm absolutely crazy
  7. When the Father John song is Hollywood Forever Cemetery x Buddy's Rendezvous with a dash of God Knows I Tried
  8. The real question is.. Will we ever get a masterpiece of cinematography like Shades of cool ever again? I think the closest we've gotten is the COCC video. But I can totally see a ghost-inspired vid for the title track. Her haunting the tunnels, etc
  9. Yea I'm not reading anymore spoilers. I would have been so surprised at that callback
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