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  1. Had a dream about a week or two ago that Lana dropped the album preorder, and the cover was a recreation of this painting And the title had something to do with Centaurs. A gay can only dream...
  2. Ok but fake or not, that snippet was gorgeous
  3. Have you lost your damn mind
  4. So basically we're in the LFL pre-pre-release thread all over again. Potential Mainstream Collabs. A 3 Word Album Acronym (BAR --> DNC) Rumours about February Honestly I couldn't be happier.
  5. Seeing her with Mike makes me wonder how long they've actually been talking. And the fact that he directed a movie titled Wildflower (2019)
  6. Alright guys, I will be logging off until next Friday to avoid spoilers. Love you all
  7. The way i moved bc I thought there was some previous beef I missed
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