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Blue Banisters - Pre-Release Thread: OUT October 22nd, 2021

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Welcome to the Blue Banisters Pre-Release Thread

Annual Discussion & Meltdown!

To be released October 22nd, 2021



Digital Pre-Order  Physical Pre-Order



1. Textbook 
2. Blue Banisters
3. Arcadia 
4. Interlude - The Trio
5. Black Bathing Suit
6. If You Lie Down With Me
7. Beautiful
8. Violets for Roses
9. Dealer
10. Thunder
11. Wildflower Wildfire 
12. Nectar of the Gods
13. Living Legend
14. Cherry Blossom
15. Sweet Carolina


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Previous OP Information:


Welcome to the Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread
Annual Discussion & Meltdown!


On July 3rd, 2021 Lana Del Rey posted the following image to Instagram, seemingly the album cover for Blue Banisters, with the caption "TBD"


A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey)



On April 27th, 2021 Lana Del Rey posted to Instagram announcing her next upcoming record titled "Blue Banisters" to be released on July 4th. The day before the claimed release date, she stated the album would be out "later later."


A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey)



On March 20th, 2021, Lana Del Rey posted to Instagram announcing her next release titled "Rock Candy Sweet" to be released June 1st. At first it was believed to be an album, but since Blue Banisters' announcement, it is now believed to be a possible song/lyric from the retitled album. Exactly what this announcement was for and the exact nature of the "Rock Candy Sweet" project is currently unclear and unknown.


A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey)



In early March of 2020, Lana revealed to MusicWeek magazine that she is working on two albums, one of which she already has a title in mind for.

“She’s already got two albums in mind, I think,” says [her manager] Ed Millett.
So, are there already words or titles that Lana is homing in on?

“Spending so much time in a close circle of country music friends, I could see one option for a title coming from that,” she hints. “I also have a secondary title I like that summed up 18 months of my life.”





What we know so far:

-  Lana originally announced the record 'Rock Candy Sweet' in response to an article by Harpers Bazzar, where she stated she would be "Challenging those thoughts [about her career being built on cultural appropriation and glamourising domestic abuse"] in her upcoming record. In the same announcement, she also stated that she "wants revenge."

- Producer Mike Dean will be working on the project. In an interview with Fantano, he confirmed he was working on songs for her upcoming record. When asked if he was going to incorporate either piano & strings or synths in the production, he stated "I would mesh them both I think. You got to stay true to the original, but you can definitely do your twist on it, you know?"

- The first three singles from the album titled 'Blue Banisters', 'Text Book', and 'Wildflower Wildfire' are rumoured to drop on Thursday, May 20th according to a reliable insider. The singles are said to all have the same car selfie as the cover edited in different ways.

- Other producers/composers that are involved include Gabriel Edward Simon, Sage Skolfield, and Sean Solymar.

- The album will be piano-led and features many "pretty ballads" as per an insider.

-The album will contain more than 11 tracks as per an insider.


Potential tracks:

- Blue Banisters (snippet & accompanying music video teaser uploaded to Lana's Instagram on April 28th, 2021, released on May 22, 2021)

- Text Book (originally revealed by reliable insider, released on May 22, 2021)

- Wildflower Wildfire (originally revealed by reliable insider, released on May 22, 2021)

- Arcadia (snippet & accompanying music video teased uploaded to Lana's Instagram on July 3rd, 2021, title revealed by insider, was considered for the album title, Lana posted Easter eggs of her at a Hilton Hotel in Arcadia as per the song's lyrics)

- Dealer (scrapped track from Chemtrails Over the Country Club) 

- Cherry Blossom (revealed by insider, unreleased song originally recorded in May 2013 and leaked on May 1st, 2019, lyrics shared from the unreleased song by Lana in an Instagram post on March 22nd, 2021)

- Thunder (revealed by insider, unreleased song originally recorded in 2017 with The Last Shadow Puppets & leaked on June 15th, 2020) 

- Rock Candy Sweet / Loved You Then and Now (originally the album title, alternate song title revealed by an insider after spotted on the original Chemtrails Over the Country Club written tracklist framed in Electric Lady Studio, may have been scrapped.)

- Fine China (revealed by insider to have been considered for the album, unreleased song originally recorded in November 2013 and is considered an Ultraviolence outtake that leaked December 25th, 2016, may have been scrapped)






• 4.18.14 • 5.1.14 • 9.20.14 • 5.28.15 • 6.14.15 • 7.28.16 • 7.24.17 • 10.23.17 • 10.24.17 • 1.25.18 • 2.5.18 • 12.5.18 • 10.3.19 • 10.11.19 • 11.16.19 •

SF • ATL • ATL • IND • ATL • CHI • LDN • NYC • NYC • DC • ATL • NYC • PDX • SAN • KS


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