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  1. I've been loving New Gold and Silent Running and I like older classics like DARE, Kids with Guns, and of course Clint Eastwood, do y'all have any more recommendations to listen to before the new album comes out? I can see myself stanning
  2. You can def tell Borderline was written for FN, but I'm glad miss Tove got to keep it, it's such a bop! It almost makes me wish she kept Cool, that song deserves so much more
  3. secured a lighter and a choker to symbolize the chokehold this b*tch forever has on me and my wallet
  4. I saw a short Jingle Ball interview she did and she was asked what she has planned for next year. She said she’s excited to be home and MAYBE finish DL3 by the end of 2023 - emphasis on “maybe” because she’s not in a rush and wants to relax and take her time after touring and being all over the globe during FN. We love a restful queen!
  5. pls don’t come for me but i think it’s kinda cringe but as long as she’s happy then slaaay petty queen!
  6. The Yosemite reference at the end of the letter
  7. Legit thought that was like a 12 year old
  8. just looked to see if nikki is coming nearby. she is, and her tix are only $20…wonder if miss del rey misses the midwest and would like to follow her here?
  9. I lift my hips that's your sexy cue
  10. She gets better with every listen my AOTY I fear
  11. Honestly blown away overall, every song is good. Instant favorites are Suburbia, Grapefruit (even tho it tears me apart ), and Call on Me. True Romance is INCREDIBLEEE and I’m to Blame is so good, I’m usually not a big fan of her slower songs right away but I’m instantly hooked by these two Attention Whore is going to be iconic live the visualizer for it is everythingggg
  12. Tove albums are usually growers for me but reading everyone’s reviews makes me optimistic I may actually be bopping from the first listen Did she add the watching movies with you lines to the album version of NODFL?
  13. BEAUTIFUL Also I would die if she ever covered Roy Orbison
  14. Anyone going to see them on tour? I got a ticket for their Chicago show but damn those prices were offensive
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