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  1. No I know they're not actual bruises I'm just saying why would she deliberately edit these in ? The original photo is actually really pretty. Idk, if that's an artistic choice I'm kinda sceptical about this one
  2. So I was talking to my non-Lana fans friends about this whole album cover situation and all they said was "Is she okay...? Why does she have bruises on her chest" Which is kinda true? Why is there this blue bruise on her? It wasn't there on the original photo
  3. FrankNotOcean

    Tove Lo

    Summer is coming soon so I'm expecting something..... right? Nothing will compare to having Glad He's Gone to bop to
  4. Is her body real like whaaaat
  5. I shuffle from Life Support and COCC every other day ever since they were released. God tier really
  6. Reading you guys is giving me hopes that my friends (who find Lana a bit snoozy) will enjoy this album Curious now
  7. She's been on repeat, yes. This is immaculate, indeed.
  8. Okay that's a cute serve to be honest
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