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  1. that whole pc music hyper pop whatever thing (charli xcx, sophie type music) i don’t think making a bunch of annoying sounds, plug-ins, crashes and noise is as “artistic genius” as some put it. like just because you make a lot of noise doesn’t mean it’s the future of music, but maybe it’s just not my thing? their songs don’t seem to have a whole lot going for them in melodic structure
  2. I think she looks great in all hair colors depending on if her hair is styled or not
  3. Can we preemptively list Rock Candy Sweet and the Nikki Lane album?
  4. i’ve always wanted lana to do a haunting cover of softer, softest since it’s about mommy issues
  5. she looks cute just wish she’d stop messing with her face
  6. so how long until this thread is locked? cause y’all are some fools if you think that album is seeing the light of day
  7. finally some SENSE.. october 21, 2022 under a completely different title and vibe than what was planned i just know it
  8. girl why would i have hope when she’s told at least 3 big lies each era 😭😭 i mean it is kinda close to be fibbing like that but don’t act like there’s no reason to mistrust her words... id 100% believe it if ben or ed posted it. isnt this the same lady who talked about a christmas and cover album just four months ago?
  9. Like I literally didn’t even bat an eye at that post. She says a lot of stuff that’s not what she meaned... if you know what I mean
  10. Eh I don’t believe it. This gives me very much “first quarter of 2019” and “out September 5th” vibes
  11. As if she’s gonna sing any of these new songs live I absolutely adore this album and it makes me really sad shes never gonna acknowledge any of the songs past this week. Sometimes I feel like it’s kind of ridiculous to make all these records then never even sing or make music videos for them. I was so disappointed when I saw the “NFR” tour and all she did were BTD songs plus Bartender (snooze). She even cut Mariners. There is absolutely zero point in touring for COCC unless her band actually puts together 6+ songs from it. I honestly think it’s just laziness.
  12. Oh whaaa. Can the twinks who clung to the “daddy Lolita” type persona please just leave the fandom? She’s about to turn 36, shes much more mature and refined as a songwriter & a person now. It’s getting so tired watching them bitch & complain. If she did make that old style of music they’d say it’s getting old & that she has no versatility etc etc. No one hates women more than white gay twitter.
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