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  1. Bc Mike Dean confirmed he's working with Lana, and that they "have enough for an album". They heard this, assumed her bop era is coming again. And to be fair, it's a reasonable conclusion to jump to considering Mike's history of work.
  2. It's funny to me how much hate groupie love, summer bummer and white mustang got.. but cinnamongirI girl (which is literally groupie love mixed with white mustang) was praised into oblivion when nfr dropped. gays are just as indecisive with their taste in music as they are their love lives... inch resting
  3. I've said it a thousand times. LMLYLAW was a song from the perspective of her fans. The gays who fell for a str8 man. (Aka All of us) It's a right of passage, tbh.
  4. @roancall @gatadelrey @sweetcinnamoncherry are you all in the US? How did you get yours already?
  5. I ordered the ash tray... when are they gonna ship.
  6. Anyway stream Agatha All Along on Spotify and Wandavision on Disney Plus at midnight! Mod note: User has been warned for this post.
  7. THIS . Precisely. Probably tmi but my grandfather passed away right after lfl dropped and I heavily associate this song with that period of my life. Transitioning from the heart ache to me blossoming into a new and better person with a different perspective. Seeing a ray of hope for change when everything around you seems blanketed by darkness. I truly hope Not All Who Wander Are Lost is a continuation of that, sonically and lyrically ALSO I really appreciate her leaving the blanks with "for Amy and for Whitney" bc I say his name instead and its...ugh I love it. Allowing fans to insert the names of their lost loved ones My bird of paradise Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
  8. It's so refreshing to see The Greatest praise on this site. now I just need for everyone to realize Get Free is top tier
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