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  1. itsTrigonometry


    My top three after first listen: Pretty Savage, Lovesick Girls, Crazy Over You. The whole album is a serve
  2. I don't wanna be disappointed if the album doesn't come out this month, so #TeamCoccember
  3. OMG I can't believe Lana is gonna release COCC on October 9th as a birthday present for me, yup yup I won
  4. Happy birthday Honeymoon. It was my first Lana album and I can still remember how shook I was when I listen to The Blackest Day for the first time!! An absolute masterpiece. Also a little confession, I found out about Lana under Taylor Swift's Wildest Dream video. when I googled her name, High by the Beach was the first thing that showed up. I remember thinking "why the song sounds so weird yet so good" And then.. turns out I already listen to National Anthem a few months before that when I saw it on MTv. I remember loving it but never actually had a time to check her music (I think I forgot her name). So, thank you Taylor Swift.
  5. itsTrigonometry


    DDDD remix is almoosssttt better than the original.
  6. itsTrigonometry


    Kick it, Playing with Fire, and Really are their best songs period!!.
  7. I finally decided that The Next Best American Record is definitely top 5 on NFR. I said what I said.
  8. I legit had anxiety when I saw the tweet.
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