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  1. lil aerosol

    Azealia Banks

    looking forward to Doechii's record, her singles are giving me hope she might do what Azealia couldn't (that is, make that kind of fire music w/o sabotaging career completely)
  2. Can't wait to listen!! I admit Kendrick got my first listen tn but pleased to report he sampled June by Florence on We Cry Together off his new album!!
  3. lil aerosol


    ngl I hope the EP doesn't happen and if it does can she change the name bc my mum and I listen to Grimes together all the time and I don't want to have to listen to Faires Cum First with her
  4. lil aerosol

    Charli XCX

    I love Professor Skye!!
  5. lil aerosol

    Azealia Banks

    holy shit Your Heir is amazing. thank you @Whore of Tropico I think Azealia should just say fuck it and drop projects frequently whenever she wants, I feel like she's too caught up in trying to be great and would benefit from dropping music no-strings-attached, just make shit and release it y'know. My fav rappers in the game rn drop multiple projects a year and none of them are trying to be masterpieces but they're all excellent
  6. holy shitttt was not expecting those two beautiful new green iphone colours. I think my current phone has abt 6 months left in it lol so might be in with a grin for the green after this one dies
  7. shoutout australians. as a kiwi you're not all bad
  8. orientation week at uni and I have to ISOLATE while everyone else parties I hate it here. save me florence.
  9. Moderation is SUCH a good song. top 5 FATM for me
  10. lil aerosol

    Charli XCX

    good decision <3 not 100% sure how this relates but my dad and two sisters saw Charli live because she opened for Taylor's reputation tour (in New Zealand) and she hasn't come here since so they've all seen Charli but not me they all thought she was an excellent performer and had great music, but apparently when I play her music in the car it isn't as good
  11. lil aerosol

    Charli XCX

    idk if its just me but I somewhat agree in that I LOVE XCX World and would love a return to that kind of sound but somehow none of the three singles have slapped as hard as the XCX World songs? like to me they're similar in terms of their characteristics but just aren't quite as good that being said i'm an albums guy. its possible that I just won't get into the singles until I can listen to the full album
  12. lil aerosol


    fantano put player of games on his worst songs of the year I wouldn't go that far but I get it tbh. Now that we've had the song for a couple of weeks I feel like she's kind of reverse engineered pop music, as her music has become slowly less experimental and more basic and I feel like she thinks it's futuristic but really just sounds a bit dated. I mean I don't really mind hard-hitting basic electropop (i.e. some of Art Angels) but it's a little bit cringe how she's still marketing herself as this futuristic, forward-sounding artist - in comparison to Arca, for example, whose music very much fits the experimental envelope-pushing vibe she puts forth. Hoping for better on the album!!
  13. lil aerosol

    Charli XCX

    i'm convinced yall make up acronyms sometimes. but tbh someone could post 'leak ihby' and i'd probably drop a like!
  14. 1. Text Book 20 5. Black Bathing Suit 37 6. If You Lie Down with Me 24 8. Violets for Roses 21 (-1) 9. Dealer 23 10.Thunder 40 11. Wildflower Wildfire 38 (+1) 13. Living Legend 21
  15. lil aerosol

    Charli XCX

    Oh I didn't realise it was quite like that lol oops thats poor thought it was a bit more hacky Shoutout fellow Kiwi btw
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