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  1. Haaaaaaaard disagree. Lorde's Solar Bulletin has easily been my favourite thing any artist has done to promote their album, the emails are so sweet and intimate and it feels very true to the record. She's also gone above and beyond with the physical copies, it seems that by stepping away from social media she has really put effort into how to curate a different style of album promotion! I'd love for Lana to do anything like this tbh.
  2. right this vid actually made me more excited for the future because she mentioned that she's working on her poetry book/s (I've been waiting for Behind The Iron Gates for too long!!) and other records... plus just confirming earlier today that she's still working on american classics
  3. I hope you are all taking notice of this great post!! Thank you for this!! All 6 websites deliver to New Zealand. Indie stores coming through w the red vinyl when the big companies didn't Now, does anyone know if there are any discount codes for any of these sites?
  4. UO release exclusive vinyl as a 100-page celebration challenge
  5. I AGREE!! it is truly excellent, so much so that i'm using my time in lockdown to pick up the piano again by learning Wildflower Wildfire
  6. I feel like Lana singles never get much buzz these days but the albums always do. Everyone tunes in for the new Lana Del Rey album
  7. People in the UK - do you think the HMV one will sell out fast? I am thinking I might ask my friend in the UK to ship it to their address and then they can post it to me, would it be too risky to wait a few days and see if the red vinyl becomes available in NZ?
  8. bye what is Jacinda's plan for Target music
  9. i am NEARLY CRYING I literally just want the red vinyl that's all do you know if there's any way we can get that to aus/nz?? I live in NZ. JB Hi-Fi has an exclusive CD w the new red vinyl cover, praying we can get a vinyl... Do you know any way we'll be able to get the red one?
  10. thunder confirmed on the album that's it. dry ass day
  11. This is my favourite cover of hers ever. She's so beautiful, Tex & Mex are so beautiful, I love seeing her smile. Getting this one on vinyl for sure
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