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  1. Im in love with this performance like I can't stop thinking about it
  2. Sorry I love her and she slayed it might take a while for y’all to get it but msg me when you do goodnight ❤️😘
  3. I know peso pluma got lanita primed too we're getting the accent tonight I feel it
  4. Honestly tho knowing Lana this is my like real prediction
  5. Wait this is legendary like its all setting in now... Lana headlining Coachella after not playing it for ten years.... She's at the peak of her career... Just lost AOTY... Put up a cunty billboard. Oh this is it..
  6. The set opening with taco truck is gonna be soooo good
  7. When the set opens with "Do you wannnaaaa..... jump jump jump"
  8. Obduration

    Charli XCX

    I’m good I’m not driving more than like 2 hours to see her tbh that energy is reserved for Lana
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