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  1. im on both team delulu and realistic. we never got any info or confirmation beforehand from insiders in terms of a release date for LMLYLAW and Chemtrails. all we had was a lana.lnk.to working. and in this case, we don’t have a lana.lnk.to that directs us to Spotify . i guess we’ll just wait and see pls i thought we left this rumor in december
  2. ben is doing his promotion stuff on insta, i really hope lana says something today
  3. yosemite being recognized on shazam.. what a moment. GOD IM SO EXCITED FOR YOSEMITE
  4. well i’m sure we all don’t want fbi knocking so leak any other song that is not intended for release instead
  5. well we know it’s directed by the same person who did LFL album trailer so I think it’ll be pretty high budget
  6. honestly if a conversation doesn’t concern you, then just don’t say shit. there was nothing wrong with what @Bunny Mozart said and if it bothers you just click off the website and let the mods deal with it if this thread goes off topic. anyways WD feb 26th
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