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  1. I'm not very enthusiastic about writing this, but I've been wanting to talk about it for a while. I didn't know where to post this, it might sound weird. Lana is an artist who took me to another dimension, and made me spend hours and hours listening to her music, imagining things, remaking the world, a bit like a traveling companion. She's been with me through the best and the worst, a bit too much. It's complicated but I am thinking of stopping listening to his music, I have the impression that it gives me bad karma. And yet God knows how much I love her and I could never of her. In fact, every time she releases an album, in the following week I have some pretty serious things going on in my life. And when she releases a record since Paradise I know for a fact that I have to prepare myself to deal with difficult things. It's quite personal but I have to tell it. - Born to die is the only one who didn't do anything to me, it was an extraordinary time. - Paradise, 3 days later I lost my biggest friends like that when nothing foreshadowed this, a huge betrayal that I never imagined seeing that we had been talking to each other for years, I had to face this pain. - Ultraviolence came out and I failed my graduate exam a few days later or followed by severe depression. - Honeymoon arrived, 4 days after my mother had a heart attack, I lost my job in the process and I had a (first) illness which took me several months to recover. - Lust for Life came, the next 7 days I learned of the death of my 2 aunts. - Norman Fucking Rockwell is released and 5 later I learn that I have an incurable disease. - Violet her poem book arrives, I learn 3 days after that my cat is seriously ill. - Chemtrails comes out and my beloved cat dies 6 days later. - Blue Banisters came out and my other cat that I loved so much died suddenly. It's weird but I feel like I have to get away from her. It's not her fault, maybe a weird coincidence, but it really makes me think. I'm drawn to her music like a magnet, and she too somewhere. I love her posts, her news, the great community, she is absolutely exciting, I really love her but I don't know if I should keep listening to her. There is a spiritual thing, maybe in the end I don't know anything. I'm quite confused. I don't live very well. Here I put it here, my curiosity will never prevent me from following it I think and it is a problem. I'm going to try to get away from her anyway. I don't know if people here have been through similar things, or I just have bad karma and that doesn't mean anything. Thank you for listening to me.
  2. Honestly, I'm glad she's finally out of this toxic cloud. I love her publications but for some time now everything she publishes made me cringe, and it all broke her aura. I miss the artists who remain in silence because now we know everything and there is no more waiting or excitement. Lana needs to be a mystery and it suits her so well. Her projects disappointed me but the way to learn that she will release such and such a project through musical articles and not a post random would really please me, we are more excited at the idea that we do not know anything. It's a good thing too, I really hope it will serve him musically or nothing was happening. Concentrating on essential things will make her take her time to get things right. Knowing her there are several possibilities: she has always published since she got her networks, so I don't think it came from her. It's probably his new record company that wanted that because it caused a lot of controversy and they don't want to take any risks. Did someone also mention it, a move? But I think she will be back much sooner than we thought and that day will be a buzz guaranteed + a great interest you will see.
  3. Thank you and happy to know that I'm not the only one to think that, you have to be lucid sometimes even if you like the artist.
  4. Before 2018 it seems to me that his writing was much better. Even though in LFL she tried wobbly things (Coachella), there was effort. She had a very particular way of writing by placing words, thoughts, maybe several times everywhere, references to many titles but it was good, it made her personality. It was repetitive but fascinating I don't know why, she had her style and we wanted to stick all her songs together and it gave a kind of great unpretentious journey. Her handwriting was lighter, more distinct. Since describing herself as a poet she feels compelled to make big sentences with pretty words but they don't mean much. Arcadia in particular, I do not find that it is well written, the sentences are coarse and the turns of phrase not terrible. I also see where she's going with that but she really needs to lighten her pen and not write songs like she posts on Instagram. But I like WW, and it's the only one that stands out lyrically in ages.
  5. LFL has been criticized and hated but it is the last record where his musical imprint remains. She has major songs from her discographies (White Mustang, Get Free, Heroin, Love, Lust for life, 13 beaches...) and very successful unlike NFR where everything seems generic (except Doin time maybe). I wish I had more clips and the video of Cherry that she teased in the void.
  6. You said what I thought. The house clip does not look like her house clips that she knew how to do so well, maybe the iPhone filter too high quality or her face which does not show any more emotions? We add the fact that it is quite overplayed and that makes the video really artificial, quite contrary to what she wanted to do. The fingers are not at all useful, she is not rebellious and this song is not here. It will appeal to his younger stans but I don't see the point of all that, it makes the video a little embarrassing. As a bonus, the video doesn't match the song at all, it could have done something more subtle. Little by little, she becomes a caricature of herself.
  7. Really agree with that. Even Guns and Roses which is not my favorite remains so much more instrumental and lyrically interesting than its last texts, Ultraviolence remains an absolute masterpiece and it hurts to see that she's remains in a comfort while doing the minimum. Exactly, not everything has been really good since Chemtrails and it is not for lack of trying to deeply appreciate her work. BB's little trilogy had potential, I like WW but it's still weak. I think her new producers give him too much freedom and don't dare to give her directions because it's Lana, they are intimidated. Result Lana thinks she has a lot of experience and is mature enough to carry out her projects and go where she wants with confidence, but that doesn't come, we feel that not everything that comes out of her is really good. She needs a good musical team that leads her so that she does not go wrong (and incidentally new friends, less Karen). I hope this is only a phase.
  8. You're right, I really like it when you say that she sings her diary and some things should stay private, kind of like she's the center of the world after all. The story with LA haha I thought about it too, it's the best to describe the United States in an avant-garde way but her lyrics for a while are super boring and don't mean anything. And when we have nothing more to say in depth, we should think of changing the theme or incorporating "her" LA in a less coarse and more subtle way in the songs.
  9. Thank you and it's good that many of us share this
  10. It's been a while since I last came here for lack of time, but I'm back, and it's good to see you again. As for Lana I followed a bit what she did this summer and I was happy to see that she was doing well and all these beautiful selfies, these covers and Blue Banisters finally with a date of the beautiful visuals, that's great. She has always been beautiful but I love how the photos are really pretty and worked out. And the picture of Barrie they were the perfect couple, I'm glad she didn't shut the door on this guy, he looks so cool and sweet. Well I'm going to repeat myself with my long text boring, but I was once again honest about what I learned from Arcadia: As for Arcadia well it's a good title but it's still light years away from Video games as she described it. Although I liked the 3 titles released, I am really fed up with piano vocals, she can do so much better. The outro is original that said, I liked it. So yes it's beautiful, it's slow, Lana Del Rey in her lust, it's perfect for her fans to make aesthetic videos with it, but I found that to be an abysmal void. It's really empty. The clip is cool but we are far from the authenticity of his old home made which had something more in the scenarios, the effort which made them so fascinating and interesting. In addition, this video seems to me to have been shot during the Chemtrails era (hairstyle and makeup) so no effort to dissociate the 2 eras. She is at the point where she knows that the critics will give her a 10 because they do not like daring and prefer very clean songs, flat without risk, so she does not bother anymore and besides why she would do ? She has understood that she no longer needs to make efforts to sell. She writes what she has in mind and does her clips anyhow, she knows she will always have applause and that's a problem. Lana is unfortunately better with big orchestrations and without all that you feel it's pretty empty, elevator music (and I like it a lot). It's redundant and boring, I like her old computer guitar demos, it doesn't have the same flavor. I know she's not on the same musical level anymore but it's pretty pretentious to say that her new music is really good when she does. I'm really waiting for the day she wakes up. I know Blue Banisters will be very beautiful, but once again I'm afraid of something forgettable and drowned among the thousands of piano voices she has done her last few times, and the worst thing is that everyone looks to like it and not realize the mess it makes available to us... I'm waiting for the album to see how it all comes off, she's an artist who can surprise. Warning: I still love her and she owes me nothing, but I think I'm crumpled because it's been 3 years since I really liked a song from her 100%, don't take this text as a hateful thing. It's okay, go hit me
  11. It's very excessive yeah. Billie is nothing special. She is just the teenage singer of the moment who hits the mark because she is "alternative" and "different" from pop artists but she is on the same layer. And 5 Grammys for this artist I still can't digest. Her music is really basic, but at a point... I don't understand her success. And all the artists who keep citing her as a reference saying she's really good, bullshit. Nobody dares to tell the truth because it's the fashion to say that Billie is a genius, but her music is nothing extraordinary. She just fell at the right time with the right team and the relationships did the rest. I try to love but I can't. Her ASMR voice is excruciatingly annoying, although the instrumentals are interesting, this way of singing ruins everything. We can confuse her among many indie artists buried on Bandcamp. That said, I have nothing against Billie the girl, she looks nice and quite simple at heart. Lana - although I didn't like NFR too much - would have deserved these Grammys to cover her prolific career, but also her high quality songs and her universe that inspired all post 2012 alt / pop / internet artists. Her songs are so tall, so beautiful, she is a great artist. It's frustrating, she's really become a benchmark over the years. When Young and Beautiful was released I would have bet that she would have had this trophy, well no, and today in 2021 Lana still hasn't had many trophies to my taste. Like what it is not the musical quality that prone in this environment. I think she will get a Grammy but it will always be too late, she released some incredible albums. I can understand her frustration on the one hand.
  12. Pray that she sees your message
  13. Waw I like it a lot! She would have made a perfect cover, she would have confused the fans less because more "Marina" with her hair
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