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  1. infantile liked a post in a topic by Flowerbomb in Create a Tracklist Using One Song's Lyrics!   
    I Can Fly
    01. Midsummer
    02. Painting In The Garden
    03. Divine
    04. Spinning In The Sun
    05. Hot Kisses
    06. Rise Like A Phoenix
    07. You're A Liar
    08. Fighting For My Art
    09. Ghost
    10. Like A Bird
    11. Bright Wishes
    12. Dreaming Of A Lake
  2. infantile liked a post in a topic by menslayer in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    So, new information based on what BOZ said:
    • BB, TB and WW will be there
    • Arcadia was up to be the new album name but she changed back to BB
    • “Collection of pretty ballads” - BOZ
    • Probably will be mainly piano - BOZ
    • There are 6 outtakes including a song with Barnie credited (maybe a UV outtake) - BOZ
    • Era restarting in the next weeks with Arcadia
    • “A bit more” than 11 songs - BOZ
  3. infantile liked a post in a topic by GeminiLanaFan in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I want all of the good songs she made with Zach!!!  
  4. infantile liked a post in a topic by Dark Angel in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    we could either have "[LEAK] Dealer" & "[LEAK] Loved You Then And Still"...
    in 2021... 2022... or 2026... what will it be? i'm hoping it's soon  leak the lmlylaw demo while you're at it, i already know which neil krug photo i'll use for my chemtrails demos album
  5. infantile liked a post in a topic by Venice Peach in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    No hate to miss chunk but HM and LFL had flawless photshoots by Neil and ended up having the worst covers . Chuck's early shoots with Lana were so good tho (the Lizzy Grant days, the music videos' bts, the one in the beach with the leather jacket...). She's not bad at all but I'm a Neil stan sorry 
  6. infantile liked a post in a topic by Venice Peach in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    It wasn't my fave either but in his defense we only got like 10 photos of Lana (in like 2 sets) and also he's the man that did the photoshoots for UV, HM and LFL (and countless magazine shoots) so he's still an icon to me. Just because his last work wasn't that amazing (subjectively and compared to his other work) doesn't mean that he can't deliver anymore. I'd be happy if he came back for BB. 
    For me Neil is in the same category as Rick and Emile, they just work so well with Lana and get the best of her 
  7. infantile liked a post in a topic by prettywhenimhigh in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    the way my cocc alt cover cd just arrived and it's so pretty may the gods bless neil krug
    if she gives us another fugly cover I'll just hope for an alternative cover again then 
  8. infantile liked a post in a topic by HighbytheSea in Zella Day   
    Just dropping in to say Holocene has become one of my top songs ever. It's just music and heart and vibe incarnate. I adore forever. Long live gorgeous Zella
  9. infantile liked a post in a topic by honeybadger in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    DADDY ZACH where are you  i think RCS will be mainly zach with some jack leftovers thrown in which i would be happy with
    i might be wrong i don't ever use twitter or anything so i'm not super integrated into that part of the internet  so we'll see
  10. infantile liked a post in a topic by American Whore in Lana Del Rey x Nikki Lane 1 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Are you a doctor? Who the hell are you to tell Lana she's fat? In the US, a lot of men are attracted to women with thick thighs or a big ass or big tits. A lot of men are also attracted to skinnier women too. There's always someone out there who's attracted to whatever size someone might be. Your sole opinion, which I don't think you're a doctor on Lanaboards, correct me if I'm wrong, but your opinion doesn't validate being rude. In the US, mental health is a big problem, especially with COVID, and along with those are eating disorders caused by people telling other people they're too fat or too skinny. If Lana was 600+ lbs, maybe we could worry about her health, but... she's not even remotely close to morbidly obese. And even then, it's none of our places to scream at her. If she were that overweight, she would know it, she would be able to tell, herself.
    It's nobody's place to be calling her too fat or too thin. Lana is in the public, yes, but saying those things are what causes a lot of people issues with their weight. Some people can't help it, they take medication that makes them gain weight and they can't lose it. Some people are genetically born to be bigger -- they just can't help it. I've always had a body image issue with my weight without anyone calling me fat, so imagine yourself having people tweet "fatty" or any other mean shit at you just because you might've gained 10 or 15 pounds? It's just... rude, public figure or not. And she didn't ask you for health advice -- so keep it to yourself.
    Also, want to point out, people who actually ARE fat, they know they're fat. Pointing it out and saying "Ugh, you're unhealthy and you're gonna die quicker than me hehe" doesn't make you any better than them. That's just plain toxic. You can have opinions, but sometimes you don't have to share those opinions. America is trying to move into a place where people of all shapes, colors, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, whatever are okay to be who they are and how they come. This is just... some weird gatekeeping thing. Not sure about your culture in your country, but people are starting to be open about who they are and trying to get to a place with being happy about who they are and how they look and that's such a healthy thing for people to do in general. If someone is happy being fat, let them live and be fat. If they're happy being skinny, let them live. There's no need to be rude.
    On another note-- Lana herself sings about stuff like this in Boarding School. "I'm a fan of the pro-ana nation - had to do drugs to stop the f-food cravings." If Lana is off of drugs and eating regularly, no one has a place to tell her anything about her weight. We don't know much about if she struggled in the past with eating disorders, but people making comments that she's overweight or anything even remotely close to it is disgusting. 
    And your "American doctors are prolly less concerned about weight" comment is quite insulting. Doctors in the US do worry about weight but not everything is about your weight. Fuck off.
  11. infantile liked a post in a topic by NikoGo in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I won’t be happy until her and this man have posed with sexual tension (a la UV with Dan) with the caption “Excited to stand beside Zach and present Rock Candy Sweet”
    you can do it, Lana! I know you can 
  12. infantile liked a post in a topic by Veinsineon in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    The line in Wanderlust that says “you talk to god like I do, I think you know the same secrets that I do” really reminds me of that “I’d rather know what god knows” part in Pawn Shop. She really was just listening to a bunch of her unreleased to get inspired LOL
  13. infantile liked a post in a topic by prettywhenimhigh in Rank Lana's Albums   
    Chemtrails Over the Country Club
    Lust for Life
    Born to Die
    edit: the way I forgot NFR
  14. infantile liked a post in a topic by Fireffie in Honeymoon - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Kinda late but I finally bought the honeymoon limited boxset!! It's my first Lana boxset and I can't wait til it arrives 
    I was wondering if anyone framed the cards? Cause I wanted to frame mine but I don't know how to make them look good together and cohesive, if that makes sense 
  15. infantile liked a post in a topic by IanadeIrey in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I love Jack’s production so much, but I think it makes sense that she would work with another producer this time for a few reasons:
    1) Jack is still in New Jersey and is unable to come to LA because of the pandemic - this halted the process of Chemtrails a bit towards the end, and naturally, Lana being nervous about that record, would not want to have those limitations of proximity be a concern again.
    2) She said to Annie Mac that she was hoping to see if the covers album with Zach Dawes would “spark anything” - obviously, Zach seems to have been her go-to producer since the pandemic happened, as they made Dealer, 2 cover albums, Summertime the Gershwin Version, a live version of Let Me Love You Like a Woman for Fallon, and possibly a whole original studio album together. 
    3) Lana always works with the same producer(s) for no more than two albums:
    Rick Nowels, Dan Heath:
    - Born to Die/Paradise (with additional production from Emile Haynie, Justin Parker)
    - the original Ultraviolence (before the rework with Dan Auerbach)
    Rick Nowels:
    - Honeymoon
    - Lust for Life
    Jack Antonoff:
    - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
    - Chemtrails Over the Country Club
    4) Obviously Lana has been going to a studio in LA and has an album finished/close to being finished  - a “revenge” album points to a fuller-sound with guitars, and Lana mentioned to Music Week that she loves bluesy, outlaw music inspired by her country music friends and other country idols of hers. Zach, having produced her country covers album, would be the most obvious choice as a producer since the covers album likely bled into the process for this country-esque album that Lana has implied LDR8 will be. 
  16. infantile liked a post in a topic by honeybadger in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    im begging for another daddy krug shoot as always, he never misses 
  17. infantile liked a post in a topic by details in Lana Del Rey covers Rolling Stone Germany - April 2021   
    her perfect skin tho  and yaass more neil! i'm always here for new pics from the king 
  18. infantile liked a post in a topic by Fireffie in Blue Banisters - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
  19. infantile liked a post in a topic by prettywhenimhigh in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    it's worth the wait, believe me
    my masochist self lowkey wish I was still waiting  
  20. infantile liked a post in a topic by IanadeIrey in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll   
    Well, we’ve made it to the post-release! This record is absolutely amazing and she’s truly done it once again. It feels fresh but so familiar at the same time and every song blew me away. Wow.
    Here are my thoughts on each individual track: 
    White Dress
    What a stunning opener. The vocals on the chorus are an artistic risk for Lana, but the desperation in their delivery are perfect for the song. A song like this demands to have a more experimental creative output and I love that she does just that while still retaining her signature melodic style. The production during the outro of the song reminds me of the ending of the audio for Patent Leather Do-Over. Lyrically, it’s also very evocative and I was reminded of Venice Bitch actually. Beautiful track!
    Chemtrails Over the Country Club
    This song goes so well after White Dress. The way White Dress trails off, only to immediately jump into the beautiful opening couplets of the song with their pulsing mid tempo rhythm. Gorgeous. Loved this track from the start and it sounds even more beautiful (if that was even possible) within the album!
    Tulsa Jesus Freak
    Wow..this song totally did not go where I thought it would based on the snippet. I absolutely love it. It’s sultry, it’s pensive, it’s a little bit serious and thoughtful, but it’s still fun at the same time! Also - the mixing on this is GORGEOUS. I think this is one of the smoothest songs I’ve ever heard - it flows together so seamlessly and truly swells. I love how the smoothness of the beat is juxtaposed with the harsh vocals of the “we’ll be white hot forever and ever and ever” motif. Stunning track - we finally got it!
    Let Me Love You Like a Woman
    I was always a huge fan of this song, and I love it within this album. I think it’s the most earnest sounding on the album with its very determined piano chord progression (being F-C-G) and its  vocal treatment being very 80s heartland rock. I definitely feel like this is the heart of the record.
    Wild at Heart
    The vocals on this damn song. I love that Lana is flexing her range so much more on this record! The lyrics are very cute while still being so meaningful, which I absolutely love. The message is really important and I can tell that this is a special song to Lana as well. The chorus is one of my favourite moments on this record and I like that she sampled the bridge from How to Disappear! It works so well in this song and really is a standout for me. Love it!
    Dark But Just a Game
    The intro to this song is so smooth and bluesy...I love it so much. I definitely hear the Portishead comparisons from MOJO in full effect here during the verses, but the pre-chorus was very Beatles-esque, with those beautiful layered vocals and major-key harmonies. I also like that she interpolated the original melody from the Bird World demo she sang on IG live on September 4, 2019! I also think the lyrics are really cool and do an amazing job of switching between this cool, flippant attitude and this reflective, self-preserving affirmation. Beautiful song!
    Not All Who Wander Are Lost
    This song is beautiful. The vocals during the chorus are beautifully layered and I love how anecdotal it feels with her talking about being in Nebraska and wearing the same clothes for three days. It’s really earnest and stripped down, which truly conveys the mood perfectly. I was reminded of Pawn Shop Blues upon my first listen, so I feel like this song is definitely one of the moments on the album where Lana is reconnecting with her folky sensibility the most!
    Well, we finally got it! What can I say, other than what a beautiful track. The guitar is very bittersweet sounding, it almost weeps with hope as Lana delivers a very vulnerable set of lyrics in her head voice before coming down for the chorus. I love it so much, it reminds me of Change, in that it feels anticipatory for something, and I think Lana probably felt that way too upon putting it onto this record. Definitely a beautiful song, long-awaited for and it does not disappoint at all!
    Breaking Up Slowly
    This song is beautiful. The guitar is almost sexier sounding than what I thought,  but it’s perfect - it’s bluesy, meditative, a little bit gritty. So good! Nikki’s voice goes so well next to Lana’s - they both harmonize perfectly and I love the flutter of Lana’s voice when she sings “flowers”. I love this song so much!
    Dance Till We Die
    I think this song might be my favourite from the whole album. It feels like a career song, in that she weaves so many important people and aspects of her life to reflect on her loneliness in the past and makes this affirmation to never stop dancing till she dies, walk on the sunnier side, etc. It’s hopeful but also contains this sense of impending “something.” I don’t know what quite yet, but it feels very important. And that bridge! Oh my god. I loved that. Beautiful lyrics, imagery, vocal delivery, production, all that. Just wow.
    For Free
    Such a beautiful way to end the record. All the girls’ voices sound so clear and beautiful here. The harmonies when they all sing together are beautiful and I love that Jack added a little bit of extra production just to distinguish from Joni’s original and the live version Lana sang on tour, without making a parody of sorts of the song (not that would Lana would EVER do that - she always nails it, no matter what). I love this interpretation, I’ve loved both Lana and Joni Mitchell for a long time so this feels very cool to me. I also like how this track thematically connects to White Dress (basically every song on this record could be connected in some way and I love the cohesion and the narrative that is present).
    I think this may end up becoming my favourite album EVER, even upon first listen. It’s purely who Lana is but invites us to take an even closer look at her life, her love, and her thoughts. I love everything about this project and I can say with sincerity that without even knowing it, this is the record I’ve been waiting for her to make, and I’m sure it’s the one she’s been waiting to make her entire life as well. 
  21. infantile liked a post in a topic by IanadeIrey in Lana Del Rey stars on the cover of the new edition of Music Week   
    What a fantastic interview! I really loved reading that! 

    I especially loved what she said about the public’s confusion regarding her story and how that was a reflection of how they felt about their own authenticity, as well as how her boundaries in these times of “public entitlement” are ultimately what fuel people misunderstanding her.  
    I’m also so intrigued about the “plan” they hinted at! And I guess we can conclude that she’s got a few more songs for the next album than we thought if she’s already got 2 titles in mind. I’m also super excited for the cover album and BTIG. All of those things being mentioned at once makes me wonder if they’re somehow connected to the “plan”? Maybe they’ll all be released relatively close to each other? 
    Super excited for everything to come and loved the insight into her process for Chemtrails and future projects <3 
  22. infantile liked a post in a topic by Veinsineon in The Neighbourhood   
    I think the potential bonus tracks we could be getting are
    - Lost In Translation (Acoustic)
    - Stargazing
    - Further Apart
    - Play With Me (feat. Lana Del Rey)!!
  23. infantile liked a post in a topic by Veinsineon in The Neighbourhood   
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