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Valley of The Dolls

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Baby, you’re making me crazier than I am

So lately, I’ve been taking my violets, my oranges, my reds

Take the gun and put it to my head

So I forget, so I just forget again

You make me forget again


And baby, you’re making me make up all my own plans

What’s a girl to do when everyone looks bright

Nothing to forget about that don’t turn to night

What’s a man to do when nothing isn’t right

Like to say, like to say the future don’t look bright


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It’s the way she doesn’t mention the title once and doesn’t have a clever reference for it so I’m disappointed

But she does...”my violets, my oranges, my reds.” The “dolls” in VOTD are pills!

Hell, I Suppose if You Stick Around Long Enough, They Have to Say Something Nice About You

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2 minutes ago, Malibu princess said:

Has anyone heard this song? I can’t find it on youtube or anywhere ?


link i got from a masterpost :) 




.。*゚+.*.。 i have a disco-ball mind, lights flashing all of the time  。.*.+゚*。.

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i wonder who produced this song, because it sounds so gorgeous and dreamy. was it self-produced by lana? i heard that it was a laptop demo but not sure if there’s confirmation of that

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