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Lindsay Lohan

LanaBoards Next Top Model (REUNION IS NOW! on pg. 31)

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:dance3: Welcome to LanaBoards Next Top Model:dance3:


LanaBoards' first reality show designed to find the greatest top model in all of LanaBoards!

And I am your host... Lindsay Lohan.


Lindsay Lohan mocks personal troubles on SNL | CTV News



Each week (every day or two..) each LanaBoards model will participate in a challenge where they must successfully fulfil the requirements of the task in order

to make it to the next round. 


An example of one of these challenge may be: finding the best photoshoot associated with your celebrity that successfully matches the theme of Western Glamour or Homeless Chic.


At the end of each week (Every day or two..), I, Lindsay Lohan, will be judging your summitted photo.

The weakest link of each week will be eliminated until there is one sole winner!


If you're interested in playing the game, reply below with 3 celebrities you'd be interested in portraying in the game, you only get to play as one of these people

so choose your three wisely.


Feel free to ask any questions.


You're still in the running to become America's Next Top Model, but also,  fuck you. – @antmfunny on Tumblr


(Would love to get around 12-16 people to play :lel:)


Challenge 3 on Page 14


This Weeks Models (Theme: Retro Revival)


Challenge 9 Submissions











Week 1 Results on page 7

Week 2 Results on page 13

Week 3 Results on page 17

Week 4 Results on page 20

Week 5 Results on page 22

Week 6 Results on page 25

Week 7 Results on page 26

Week 8 Results on page 28

Week 9 Results on page 30

Winner announced on page 31






Winner: RuPaul

Runner-Up: Anya Taylor-Joy

3rd Place: Mitski


4th Place: Charli XCX

5th Place: Kate Moss

6th Place: Lana Del Rey

7th Place: Kate Bush

8th Place: Tinashe

9th Place: Naomi Campbell

10th Place: Britney Spears

11th Place: Lizzy Grant

12th Place: Lady Gaga

13th Place: Miranda Cosgrove

14th Place: Jane Fonda

15th Place: Megan Thee Stallion

16th Place: Beyonce



Vote for your favorite model here!


Steam Community :: :: The Lindsay Lohan

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This is such a genius idea! I won't be playing but I'm definitely excited for the participants and for the show! Can't wait to see the results! :smokes5:


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My characters will have ijbol characteristics:


- Rupaul

- Kamala Harris

- Tinashe


edit: those who chose me, Paris Hilton (real), as their character better step it up…

"Some days are for falling in love with people, some days for cities, and some for your time in solitude."

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3 minutes ago, The Stargirl Pinky said:

Does the winner get a flash drive hidden in the trash can of a mall of their choosing with an unleaked Lana song inside? :uh:


Even better... they get the title of LanaBoards' Top Model :oprah9:


Image - 695049] | Rave GIFs | Know Your Meme

Steam Community :: :: The Lindsay Lohan

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