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    Long time Bowie fan. I have a YouTube channel of videos of me and Lana!
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  1. As usual it's hard to keep up. She's not gonna change her name to Lana Yo Rey is she?
  2. Here is my quick phone cover. I have no other way to share but Twitter.
  3. I don't know an eye space from a hooded eye but I do know a beautiful woman when I see one. The one, the only Lana Elle Rey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I accidentally hit the start of this thread instead of the end. Lana just got Instagram? It's 2013? That means the last 8 years have been a dream. That makes more sense than reality.
  5. I know. Last summer I was driving listening to Doin Time and noticed my body was moving. I love Lana's voice but not every song should have me gazing at the ceiling watching swirls of imaginary cigarette smoke gently rise. (I don't smoke)
  6. Weathervane should be one of the more popular songs. https://i.imgur.com/hoLo9zD.mp4
  7. Lana's twitter: Baby Coming!! October Next tweet December Next tweet January Next tweet Early Summer
  8. I think Lana saw my post and threw something together on an impulse!
  9. I kind of like it. RCS sounded a little forced to me. You're right it doesn't instantly evoke much. Let's be patient and remember who we're dealing with. Chemtrails, Mariners and Violet were perplexing too. Trust God, trust Lana.
  10. Staircase in a mansion 100 years old, The tales it has heard, The tales it has told, His love overwhelms, Like gas from a cannister, As I lose my grip, On the lovely Blue Banister.
  11. Not exactly. There are SOME people you can trust. Just not Lana. Not because she's evil but contrary to what she says she is 'unhinged '. (Aren't we all?)
  12. The 4th of July release can't turn out well. She will probably wear American flag socks and get dragged for it.
  13. Who knows what the cover will be? https://images.app.goo.gl/yjGuf9gKkv6Kqmyv9
  14. Maybe Lana presses the records in her basement.
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