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  1. venicebitch


    Her dead petz is coming
  2. I mean it could be instagram quality thing, but to me it sounds pretty polished?? Also we’re talking about a person who recorded a whole ass album on cheap chinese microphones But theyre for sure not phone recorded vocals
  3. He actually was a really huge fan of her a few years ago, he’s just not that interested in her recent stuff anymore and became more critical of her nowadays (can’t blame him tbh) but it’s not like he’s a hater
  4. Also it may sound stupid but I think it’s kinda lame when you have this huge access to files that many fans are dying to hear and they are obviously very excited and you’re trying to wash off their excitement with suggesting that something is wack anyway. Like you’re not a critic who was given an official early access to music to write your reviews about it, you literally stole someone’s files of music you don’t even like. 💀
  5. I don’t trust insiders’ *opinions* of songs - they’re always questionable with their comparisons and music taste in general lol. At the end of the day the only thing that matters from them is actual facts like length of songs, titles etc
  6. I can't believe one of her most fan anticipated tracks (Yosemite) has become one of the most underrated on the album (or even in general)
  7. The way this video was recorded before she’s recorded a mv for white dress or even before COCC’s tracklist was finalized makes me think 1) blue banisters is an outtake from cocc 2) the mv is another scrapped project off another music video (again)… maybe tulsa jesus freak? either way I really hope it’s its own project and she just started recording new album during her wait for the vinyl making process and then just made white dress mv just for promo purposes
  8. What’s wrong with this line? Isn’t it the way she writes since… forever?
  9. Its still on Twitter https://twitter.com/polydorrecords/status/1387391706488840192?s=21
  10. so…what was the point of “announcing” blue banisters??
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