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  1. i really hope there’s a chance that there might be another companion EP like still sad still sexy coming out. i loved eyeye when it was released but it’s grown on me even more and it’s all i’ve been listening to these last couple weeks. there are sooo many outtakes it would be nice for some of them to see the light of day. also i can’t believe there were 4 whole years between so sad so sexy and eyeye, even though the EP only had a couple new songs on it it somehow made that album cycle feel very complete which made the wait for new music so much easier. reallyyyy hope we haven’t heard all there is of the eyeye era yet
  2. i think so, i remember putting it into spek a while back and it definitely didn’t look upscaled
  3. it’s so funny watching people be nostalgic for past eras because i just remember all of them being shit shows tbh NFR was painful, the fact that she released MAC + VB and announced the album almost a full year before it came out and kept on posting tons of snippets the whole time but there would be months of no album news… makes me grateful she’s barely said or shared anything this time around
  4. zombie girl

    Taylor Swift

    no because i really thought the taylor/lana collab speculation was ridiculous but i’m thinking… maybe taylor just really likes that sweater but if i had as much money as she does i wouldn’t re-wear my clothes very often
  5. this is so funny to me because who is making rob keep his album a secret… watch he signed to interscope or something that would be so weird and sounds ridiculous but i don’t understand any reason why he wouldn’t be allowed to talk about his music unless he’s on a label
  6. i can do the insider thing too i actually had a blast making all of that up no wonder everyone comes on here just to pull stuff out of their ass
  7. joined thursday… how gullible do y’all think we are i mean that
  8. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    i don’t think so! i actually believe it is very easy to cancel an order from rough trade, they don’t charge until it ships and iirc if you go to your order on your account there should just be a cancel button there
  9. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    the way i made sure that i bought the loser edition specifically from sub pop’s website just so i can be sure that i get that early streaming link lmaooo
  10. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    according to an atrl insider: - “and in the darkness” is a 14 second interlude - “in holy flux” is another interlude, about a minute and a half - 2 songs are 4 minutes - 1 song is 5 minutes - 5 songs are 6 minutes
  11. honestly i think jack’s ballads are by far her best—the melodies and chord structures on all of the ballads he’s worked on (besides maybe Love Song, sorry ) are very beautiful and carefully crafted, it feels like every note was considered and thought about. the only ballads that i have had somewhat of a distaste to are a few of the ones on blue banisters unfortunately, like Violets for Roses. there’s nothing wrong with piano ballads, i absolutely love them, but in my opinion there has to be some sort of interesting element or interesting chord or interesting melodic choice to make it feel fresh and like something you haven’t heard before. just singing along to a standard V - vi - iii progression with no other elements but voice and piano feels familiar, and not necessarily in a good way. i hope that for LDR9 lana does work with some less cut-and-dried piano players honestly, people who aren’t afraid to add some weird voicing or something under the melodies that she brings in. just my opinion though <3
  12. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    apparently it is!
  13. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    i am very interested in why the title tracks are in opposite order.. i wonder if it’s a cool conceptual thing where the album tells a story backwards or something or maybe i’m just reading too much into it but that would be sick
  14. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    oooh i didn’t hear about the 3 interludes thing. i mean like you said both titanic rising and front row seat to earth only technically have 8 real songs each not including drops like three tears and titanic risen so i guess it’s not that crazy or unexpected for her to put 3 interludes on a 10 track album? i hope the songs are long as hell though if there are really only going to be 7 of them though
  15. zombie girl

    Weyes Blood

    tracklist possibly leaked on genius, obviously genius isn’t a good source but i have seen a few instances when track lists have accurately leaked on there early somehow so: 1. It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody 2. Children of the Empire 3. Grapevine 4. God Turn Me Into a Flower 5. Hearts Aglow 6. And In the Darkness 7. Twin Flame 8. In Holy Flux 9. The Worst Is Done 10. A Given Thing
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