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  1. Forgotten


    we really NEED solo version of demons
  2. I really want to believe her this time. It's crazy to me that i finished school, went to college, got degree, against my will was taken to an army for a whole year and yet this crusty bitch still giving us false promises about the album (sorry for my whole life story lmao it's tough shit tbh) SKY feruiaera if you reading this LEAK all my lovers die NOW
  3. Forgotten


    Sooooo we still think that she's gonna drop the rest of kick's this year?
  4. Not technically a horror movie but mother! traumatized me for life lmao More than three years have passed and I still think about this movie almost every day And Kristen Wiig appearance was so funny to me for some reason like wtf is she doing here
  5. Cruel World - 45 Ultraviolence - 18 Shades of Cool - 60 West Coast - 70 Pretty When You Cry - 49
  6. Forgotten


    this male "rapper" is so bad lmao his verse really sounds out of place. and the way he's saying the word scared makes my body collapse in pain from cringe
  7. https://youtu.be/E58mutyoyaw?t=18 ITS SOUNDS SO GOOD WHYYYYYYYYYYY SHES DOING THIS TO US
  8. Just want all my lovers die god i hate her stupid ass so much
  9. That scene where June screaming at Serena.....chills Lizzie's another Emmy is being made in a factory while we're talking
  10. Forgotten


    Ice cream ice queen
  11. Forgotten


    It's really cute but sounds like reworked venice bitch Lock jerk antonoff in a cage and don't let him out never
  12. Turns out it's Blue Boredom (Sky's Song) by DIIV I didn't even know this song existed. Sounds so good
  13. guys is this real? https://dbree.org/v/8e8701 upd. omg nevermind i'm just dumb
  14. Forgotten


    How can people believe in God after this? There are murderers, pedophiles and terrorists on the streets with impunity, but it was Sophie who died? The purest person who changed the lives of many people and the world of music forever. Her music helped to survive the difficult moments of my life. Every time it rains outside, I'll think of her. She will live with us because of the art she has given to the world. It's all so unfair.
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