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  1. This album is ageing like a fine wine. So goddamn beautiful
  2. Thunder


    There are violets in your eyes There are guns that blaze around you There are roses in between my thighs and fire that surrounds you It's no wonder every man in town had neither fought nor found you Dreaming away your life Dreaming away your life Dreaming away your life One of my favorite songs of all time. It encapsulates the sublimity of just lying in the grass, alienating yourself from all of the problems in the world, and just be subsumed by the beauty and poetry all around you I remember when this song dropped, I was on vacation during an overwhelmingly hot day in Florida where all you could really handle is being in the water or inside somewhere with air conditioning. The atmosphere of the song was so overwhelmingly beautiful and now I associated this song and album with nothing but good memories despite it being, what I think, to be her saddest album
  3. Can someone make a Dance Fever song sorter (with the deluxe tracks) so I can manually rank the songs? Or if there's a Florence song sorter, if you can add the songs to that
  4. and when she's notoriously bad at describing her own music retro future jazz humanism...
  5. Perfect I need "Liz, I'm calling from California" as a song title NOW
  6. Y'all are so creative Stream Honeymoon! I'm going to need everyone to stream Honeymoon!
  7. It's amazing how different lyricism hits different people, because I find nothing redeeming about the lyrics of Watercolor Eyes and they don't touch almost anything on the past three albums in terms of that
  8. Agreed. I'm thinking we'll have it around March or April next year.
  9. I go back and forth about her most painful rollout as a fan, and it most definitely was between NFR and Blue Banisters
  10. I'm just concerned about her not having an album title yet She revealed NFR's title in a magazine interview but it didn't come until a year later
  11. someone leak Loved You Then and Now and BoZ's favorite Blue Banisters track before she scrapped it to hold us over
  12. yeah i'm just not getting 2022 vibes from this one
  13. I get Cruel World meets White Dress meets Honeymoon meets Buddy's Rendezvous meets Blue Banisters vibes from this description holy fuck i'm so excited
  14. So much of Lana's previous records are very colorful so I'm really excited to hear what a colorless, wordy, conversational LDR album with some orchestra sounds like
  15. Same! I died when she dropped the three singles, some of my favorite songs from her ever
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