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  1. This should have been on Chemtrails, before or after Yosemite
  2. Updates so often, but this is where I would rank them today: 1. Honeymoon 2. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 3. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 4. Blue Banisters 5. Ultraviolence 6. Born to Die 7. Lust for Life 8. Paradise
  3. Thunder to Sweet Carolina is my favorite sequence of tracks from the record. It's all so beautiful and intimate.
  4. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    The Blackest Day vs Cherry
  5. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    Freak vs Art Deco
  6. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    Dealer vs Happiness is a Butterfly
  7. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    Nectar of the Gods vs Lolita
  8. The songs, given her choices in the past, that i see her performing from BB in the future: Arcadia (this will never leave the future setlists) If You Lie Down With Me Blue Banisters Cherry Blossom (also will never leave the future setlists) Living Legend That's it
  9. This album feels like a warm embrace during the painful cold of winter. I remember walking around town a couple of days ago, listening to White Dress and Not All Who Wander, looking up at the sky and it felt... sublime
  10. "Ride" is her worst single to date. It has become so, so, so, so stale and unrelatable as time passes Like...borderline unlistenable to me.. It is the product of every single stereotype and trope of Lana Del Rey being amalgamated into one song. The daddy issues, the sad girl "shtick," the "i'm so wild and crazy and free and no one understands me." Don't get me wrong, she has never let go of these lyrical themes and I don't think she should. I just see "Ride" as pure comedy at this point in her career, because she has taken all of these tropes and pulled them off much better than Ride ever could.
  11. Peace (All You Need) Methamphetamines hope is a dangerous thing I Talk to Jesus Flipside All are way too emotional to me
  12. The other endeavors she was talking about being classes at school or pursuing a masters in creative writing or philosophy makes so much sense to me??
  13. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    For K Pt 2 vs Mermaid Motel
  14. Thunder

    Song vs. Song

    Flipside vs Dark But Just a Game
  15. daily reminder that "Blue Banisters" is up there with her best title tracks It has the potential to have been a ten minute masterpiece
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