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  1. except for now we don't know what's special about it
  2. well well well also 31 EUR for this japanese cd is weird: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/lana-del-rey-chemtrails-over-the-country-club/hnum/10409745
  3. oh ok that's probably the only reason i'd myself buy a cd
  4. tape is like a little item that is just cool to have somewhere on a shelf i think. what i don't understand is CDs in 2021 (not judging anyone tho)
  5. i guess we can already blame the label for causing this mess and not giving the stores any info
  6. The twitter support account replied to me with but i'm not sure if this implies they confirm the photo is 100% accurate. i called JPC a couple times and we finally decided they will contact me if they know new info about what vinyls are gonna be in stock. today they only updated the cover for the LP, nothing else i'm pretty sure they're gonna use another picture because otherwise ppl (chuck and val i guess) will be cropped out thanks to the vinyl shape
  7. from what i've seen, stores use the exact same picture to show the yellow vinyl and it's kinda bright gold. there's a similar one --- beige (exclusive to Amazon) that reminds me of bronze edit: thank god the UO vinyl as bad and i don't need to spend like 70 dollars to buy it
  8. btw the record store i'm referring to is hhv.de. notice how two items are 2LP and both their weights and prices are higher than the 1LP version. it might be an error tho
  9. i used all my imagination to come up with several explanations lol 1) additional material (deluxe edition) as pointed out above by lamms (weird bc lana doesn't like deluxe versions and kinda implied it's just an 11-track album in the Annie Mac interview) 2) second vinyl is for instrumentals and/or variations of the album tracks, like an MV version of COCC (weird bc lana is lazy for all that) 3) better quality with 45 spins per minute instead of 33 spm which would require 2 vinyls since the album is 45 minutes long 4) different colors for the same vinyls (2x sales lol) 5) second vinyl is a special 7'' one for a single off the album and i don't think it's an error -- the site specifies that the 1LP and 2LP black vinyls are different "formats" + both weight and price of 2LPs are bigger
  10. i'm pretty sure the vinyls we know about already are 1LP and many (if not all) are gatefold, but yeah, as you said, a record can be gatefold but 1LP, i have one in my collection
  11. exactly... i wish instead of music leaks we got merch drop leaks lol
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