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  1. apricockjuice

    Charli XCX

    Found this on twitter in case anyone wants it
  2. I'd kill to have Lana work with King Krule, he's got such an incredible energy and if they made an album together I imagine it'd be like a harder-edged HM, all dark and dreamy
  3. Ya it is, I'm so excited! It's gonna be my second time seeing her
  4. Cruel World: 8 Ultraviolence: 7 Shades Of Cool: 8 Brooklyn Baby: 10 West Coast: 9 Sad Girl: 7 Pretty When You Cry: 8 Money Power Glory: 6 Fucked My Way Up To The Top: 6.5 Old Money: 9 The Other Woman: 7.5 Black Beauty: 9 Guns And Roses: 4.5 Florida Kilos: 8 Is This Happiness: 11 Flipside: 7
  5. Fourth row in the closest section to the stage for the Columbus show, I'm honestly so shook that I managed to snag it for the same price as GA
  6. The gold seats for the Ohio show were all in the first five rows but I managed to snag a seat literally right next to gold in the fourth row for $100
  7. This was taken off youtube, perhaps the instrumentals are coming? Anyone remember how we found them on the sony website the first few times?
  8. If I'm not mistaken the guitar in the Sleepwalk intro she used for Endless Summer is a lap steel, a vibraphone is kinda like a xylophone and it's in a lot of jazz music, and the opening of Strawberry Fields Forever is a mellotron. 12 string guitars are also pretty common in folkier music and were really big in the 60s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2UN1eOJf74 I feel like Tomorrow Never Came is gonna sound a lot like a cross between the Beatles and a country ballad.
  9. Doesn't all this shit happen thru publishing agencies though? Like I highly doubt it's Lana, Ben, and Ed just hanging around and sending out snippets
  10. Prbly the song Music to Watch Girls By by Andy Williams as well
  11. apricockjuice


    We have the instrumentals?
  12. apricockjuice


    I'm beyond excited I managed to grab what are essentially second row seats for her Portland show Anyways this is such a good album, the only song I don't care for too much is Sober II. Supercut Hard Feelings Homemade Dynamite Liability (Reprise) The Louvre Perfect Places Writer in the Dark Liability Loveless Sober Green Light Sober II (Melodrama)
  13. Green Light - 2 Sober - 14 Homemade Dynamite - 32 The Louvre - 19 Liability - 15 Hard Feelings - 19 Sober II (Melodrama) - 7 Writer In the Dark - 37 Supercut - 14 Liability (Reprise) - 5 Perfect Places - 16
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