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  1. Mama wants all the streams to count for that inevitable #1 debut on Billboard Hot 100. Mariah Carey, Brenda Lee and SZA found dead in a ditch.
  2. So BOZ's acronym was GPSOTSOMFWHDF...it must be a Lana track, possibly the one with the longest title on the album. Does anyone remember the acronym that his friend posted on Twitter too?
  3. Yeah the early March release makes sense. Ellie announced her album in November for a February release, and TaP wouldn’t want both of their main artists to release in the same month, so it was going to be either January or March. Anyway, this will be the longest gap between pre-order and official release in Lana herstory! By the way, we always get the tracklist when she announces the pre-order, right?
  4. Not gonna lie, it’s an iconic title. She’s asking a question, but also manages to ignite our imagination and curiosity. It’s like an enigmatic invitation to a new mysterious (oceanic) world.
  5. Why would good sis Eclipse create a thread about the album announcement on ATRL if he knew that Lana's going to announce just the lead single?
  6. Yeah, that logo is very 60s/70s. Are we getting a tropical/hippie colourful cover? LMAO and the fact that she said "no colours" in May. #iamsorandom
  7. Yeah, this is very possible. It's quite interesting that the ATRL user who made the thread about the single used lowercase letters for the title (except for Ocean Blvd).
  8. They didn't though? I vividly remember BOZ saying how much he disliked the album - except for a few tracks (BB, Arcadia and the new version of Thunder) - and how lazy it was to put YouTube ripoffs of leaked stuff on it. And he was also disappointed that his favourite unreleased track - Fine China - didn't make the final cut. I don't remember any insiders being particularly excited about the record.
  9. I think he meant that it's a "follow up" in terms of "quality" given how much he disliked BB and (especially) COCC, because, yeah, the "grand and rich instrumentation" comment makes it sound more like a Honeymoon follow up actually. But sis insisted that the record doesn't resemble a previous one, and eclipse pretty much told us that we should expect a new sound, so I'm very excited. Anyway, that "striking lines" mention must mean that there is profundity/shocking material in the lyrics. Slutty Jack Donoghue must have been a great source of inspiration I suppose.
  10. BOZ confirmed that it's not a BB outtake. There are no outtakes on the album. All songs were recorded between late 2021 and mid 2022.
  11. Lana did mention orchestras. And Rob said he's working on an "epic" project back in March, so "rich and grand instrumentation" makes a lot of sense. I assume she finished the album sometime in September right after the Rockefeller snippet and working with that mysterious Ian guy...which means that the vinyls might be ready in January.
  12. Me getting excited every time we get tea.. Me after the constant bickering and grumbling on these boards... Anyway, ladies. 1. NO OUTTAKES (and given that BOZ said that all songs were recorded from late 2021 to mid 2022, DYKTATUOB is NOT a BB outtake after all). 2. RICH AND GRAND INSTRUMENTATION. 3. A 6-MINUTE LEAD SINGLE WITH A LONG-ASS TITLE. 4. CONSTANT PRAISE FOR THE QUALITY OF THE ALBUM. 5. LANA HERSELF + NEIL + ANNA VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE ALBUM PHOTOSHOOT. Now, we have to figure out what's the title of the Rockefeller song. Storyteller? Late Nights? Umbrella? Fingertips?
  13. It could be one of those songs that she recorded during the BB sessions that she "really liked". Anyway, it kinda sounds like a Zach Dawes/Drew Erickson production à la Black Bathing Suit with the drums and the slight climax near the end of the watermarked snippet.
  14. Did You Know There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard
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