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  1. Kurt

    Brooke Candy

    No problem! Yeah I love the demos, was just curious how different they sounded - especially Glamorous since the Slayyyter demo is pretty rough
  2. Kurt

    Brooke Candy

    Any chance you recorded Block or Glamorous? Would love to hear what they sound like
  3. Kurt


    Just smile and nod y’all… smile and nod.
  4. Kurt


    Does anyone have the OG file for Dolce Vita that was apparently posted in this thread before? Also, separate question: do we know if the official title is “Love Me” or “Love Me Not”? Same question for “Teardrops”? “Twist The Knife”? “Teardrops (Twist The Knife)”?
  5. Kurt


    Speaking of Brooke - don’t know if anyone shared this here already - but a very reliable insider revealed that Brooke Candy recorded Slayyyter’s Glamorous and it’s a contender for Brooke’s next project
  6. Kurt

    Billie Eilish

    Totally fake/made up. Billie confirmed it back when she had twitter. Also that user posted fake stuff all the time
  7. Kurt

    Charli XCX

    I know Sweat isn’t in the best quality but I think it’s the OG file because a lot of Ian Kirkpatrick unreleased tracks are exported in that quality + format Probably the best that exists unless people also have a WAV export or stems or something
  8. Kurt

    Charli XCX

    Random/off the top of my head: - Fall For A Friend (a must, pls pls!!) - Happier As My Ex (after it leaked, someone posted an OG file that I don’t think is a real OG file…?) - On & On - I Wish - 1000 Times (I think someone said the file we have is edited or not true HQ - idk if I’m remembering correctly) - Ice Cold (the version that leaked a couple years ago) - Back Again - Bring You Back (honestly I just want to see if the OG file is really titled that lol) - Lucy Liu Anything is great though - thank you!!
  9. Kurt


    Here you go! https://krakenfiles.com/view/j9oFqQoyoV/file.html (Just a mumble demo tho, also has an unknown male vocalist)
  10. Kurt

    Thank u so much I really appreciate it! I’m so excited I don’t have a discord account but I really feel like I should get one given how much stuff is leaking on there nowadays
  11. Kurt

    I didn’t I would really appreciate that - whenever you have time!
  12. Kurt

    Don’t be shy, reupload please
  13. Kurt


    Please share omg draft tracklists give me that BUZZ Feel free to leave out any unknown titles or whatever but I’d reallllly love to see it!!
  14. Kurt

    Charli XCX

    Agree with pretty much everything here!! My only notes: Lemme know if I’m wrong about anything! Also I genuinely have no idea about I’m A Ghost, I assumed the leakers were teasing it as an XCX6 track but no clue PS I’m obsessed with how your XCX6 cover looks in my iTunes
  15. Kurt

    Charli XCX

    So which songs belong to different eras than we initially thought? And are any of these actually different versions than what we had (some are saying If I Cried and Gravity are different)?
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