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  1. The way it's from 2019. ARREST whomever is spreading these lies
  2. If you want Dealer, listen to Dance Till We Die. They probably sound the same.
  3. This is the unreleased song from the Northern Exposure tour, finally leaked 7 years later
  4. I'm obsessed this felt like a spiritual reset. We need a new album from them ASAP.
  5. Fair enough. Personally I don't really have any expectations for Lana anymore- not to be too negative but I don't think she can reach or exceed her old peaks. The golden age of LDR is over. Of course I wish to be proven wrong by RCS but... not mad or surprised if it's a dud with a sloppy rollout
  6. Still don't get it. They just want more of the same? To me that just seems like chasing that initial 'high' we felt when listening to those records the first time. I think it's great she's moving on and evolving her sound. If I wanted an Ultraviolence sound I will just go listen to Ultraviolence. It still sounds fresh.
  7. I don't understand this line of thinking. If you miss the music she made before, just go stream it? It didn't go anywhere?
  8. Roses Bloom For You being the Yes To Heaven of RCS. I know y'all won't stop talking about this reject until release day. It's just a matter of time until someone posts a distorted muffled RBFY garageband remix on db**e and calls it a RCS leak.
  9. The only songs that I keep going back to a week later are White Dress, COCC and Tulsa Jesus Freak HM = UV > BTD > LFL > NFR > COCC
  10. I'm so excited to hear what Daddy Rick has to say. His interviews about Lana are always so fascinating.
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