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  1. She hasn't written motifs of feeling blue as much as California, LA, NY, white party dresses, topanga, blue hydrangeas, being a sad girl, money, etc so I agree with @recklessdaughter as usual.
  2. People hate Breaking Up Slowly because it's a new sound for her and doesn't fit their narrative that "CHEMTRAILS IS NFR 2.0!!!!!"
  3. Me and @DCooper when we listen to "Wild at Heart" while all the girls are still crying over "White Dress"
  4. "Filler" is such a subjective description of a track, that it almost renders it obsolete. I personally don't think Honeymoon has fillers, but I believe that Ultraviolence has two or three, while I know some people think there's none. It's really a silly thing to mention
  5. Should I have chosen my words better, sure, but i'm not apologizing for my sentiment. 40 isn't old, nor does it prevent a woman from releasing great music. Absolutelyyyyyy agreed! But if you read anything else that I said in that paragraph besides the one thing that you took out of context, I was trying to convey that based on the trajectory of Lust for Life to Chemtrails, I thought maybe she would be going down the route of more folk oriented music. Something that is more singer/songwriter oriented like Joni, Fiona, etc. Get a grip and get off my dick
  6. Looks like I stirred up a lot of controversy while I slept. No i'm not on meth, you stupid bitch @salvatore I love how all some of you picked out from that message was "FORTY ISN'T OLD!" which, again, was not what I was fucking saying I was SAYING that i've noticed a trend in her music that has gotten calmer, more contemplative, less baroque and large instrumentation. Even on Lust for Life.
  7. I feel like as she gets older (she's almost in her 40's), her sound is going to become much more stripped down. I feel for all of you who still hold those larger than life cinematic tracks close to your heart, but it's just not realistic in my mind that she would return to any sort of grandiose sound as she continues writing. I don't know. Maybe she'll surprise y'all, who knows. Obviously she's not going to work with Jack forever. I'm just saying that while a producer may change, I don't think her sound is going back to that same place of BTD/UV again.
  8. 1. Tropico 2. Shades of Cool 3. Chemtrails over the Country Club 4. Born to Die 5. Ride 6. Video Games 7. The Greatest 8. West Coast 9. National Anthem 10. Blue Jeans
  9. Yes, 100%. With the sound this record is going for, I only saw September/October and March as viable options. Either associated with rebirth or during that time where things begin to fade, but still radiates beauty.
  10. Pretty sure you're trolling, but as the biggest LMLYLAW stan on this forum, this post is so embarrassing regardless. MAC is one of her best.
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