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  1. Unpopular LanaBoards opinion: I've officially decided that COCC isn't better than Norman. While COCC is obviously more cohesive, I genuinely enjoy almost every song on NFR. I'm falling out of love with Breaking Up Slowly, Dance till we Die and For Free. The first eight songs are INCREDIBLE, though.
  2. Blue Banisters WILL be the new Venice Bitch. Know that.
  3. ARTPOP is probably my favorite Gaga album. Yeah, it's a little cringeworthy at times, but I love how campy it was and I felt that she gave that album her all and felt all the pain she was going through. Glad it's getting the recognition it deserved.
  4. Thank you!! I love it too
  5. I want them back too, but I also hope she never uses heavy reverb again just to spite you
  6. I'm very confident this is a new track title. Idk. She never did something like this for Violet except recite her poems.
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