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  1. 1. Tropico 2. Shades of Cool 3. Chemtrails over the Country Club 4. Born to Die 5. Ride 6. Video Games 7. The Greatest 8. West Coast 9. National Anthem 10. Blue Jeans
  2. Yes, 100%. With the sound this record is going for, I only saw September/October and March as viable options. Either associated with rebirth or during that time where things begin to fade, but still radiates beauty.
  3. Pretty sure you're trolling, but as the biggest LMLYLAW stan on this forum, this post is so embarrassing regardless. MAC is one of her best.
  4. Agreed!! It's always the songs that I hear the least about, like Heroin, Change, Get Free, Bartender, etc. that stand out to me.
  5. Everyone is talking about White Dress, Chemtrails and Tulsa Jesus Freak being a little trifecta (which they will be), but I feel like Wild At Heart, Dark But Just a Game and Not All Who Wander Are Lost are going to be a 1-2-3 PUNCH/Drop Kick of beauty that I won't recover from.
  6. Contemplating God

    Song vs. Song

    California vs Happiness is a Butterfly
  7. Contemplating God

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Loves You vs Guns and Roses
  8. Contemplating God

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs Terrence Loves You
  9. These conspiracy theories... He posted like five times about her when Chemtrails came out
  10. They barely listen to instagram comments, let alone a change petition
  11. Contemplating God


    one of my favorite björk songs there's something about Medúlla that hits me differently than her other records. It's so comforting to me for some reason. Kind of a sister album to Vespertine
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