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  1. Oh this spill! I will also say that Honeymoon in general is probably her most overrated album. Stans rank it so high because it has this elusive/underdog quality to it. Every artist has an album that wasn’t well-received in the beginning and has therefore been shunned by the artists themselves. The stans always end up romanticizing these albums as „overlooked masterpieces“ despite most of them being a result of lack of inspiration/passion or just not of the same quality as the predecessors. Honeymoon is Lana's ARTPOP/Witness/Sweetener
  2. I just want Lana to drop the stripped down instrumentals. Her luscious and extravagant production was the reason I started stanning. Now it’s all gone and I’m just tired…
  3. This album made a stan. It was quite a different time in my life but looking back, I had so much less to worry about and Lana’s music enriched my life like nothing else ever did. I am forever thankful to have discovered her around that time.
  4. The Love Witch


    Nah just a soundtrack single to keep the Navy from suffering further starvation. Sadly, it’s very very boring. I'm pretty sure she'll release the actual first single of her new album some time around the SuperBowl.
  5. Both of them look NOTHING like the people they are portraying.
  6. This just goes to show how much better she looks without the bleached hair and bleached eyebrows. And she’s what..? 30 years younger than Madonna?
  7. This song is absolutely terrible and it really showcases how there is not only worlds but galaxies between Lana’s and Taylor’s songwriting. Taylor likes to write pseudo-deep song with extremely corny metaphors in an attempt to emulate Lana. It’s very embarrassing. Sadly, she gets far more recognition for her subpar songwriting. She has been doing this since 1989 though…
  8. This is indeed a very very sad and fucked up situation and feel terribly sorry for her. Sadly, this is reality for many many artists and bands. She is by far not the only one this has happened to. I am hopeful that the people who are in possession of her files and data will not be handing them out just like that. They will try to make a lot of money out of this while they can. However, they are also aware that leaking things or even selling thing from recently stolen property can most likely be traced directly back to them. So while this is a very upsetting situation, I do not think we or her need to be that scared of anything bad happening.
  9. Because Katy sent her a letter asking to settle it. So far, Taylor has not apologized for: - writing a diss track about her - purposely shitting on Witness' release week by putting her catalogue back on streaming as a “surprise” Aside from that, she has been awarded by the Grammy committee, in a rather questionable number of times. While someone like Adele acknowledged that white privilege played into it, Taylor boasted about her own achievement and pulling out statistics during her speech. She knew full well that Kendrick Lamar’s album was the front runner and instead of addressing this rather unfair situation, she trashes another POC artist during an acceptance speech. She’s a horrible and self-absorbed person and anyone who can’t see that is easily manipulated by narcissists like her. I unfortunately had to grow up with a narcissistic father before my parents divorced. I know what they are like, how they act and she checks all the marks.
  10. For me, this has nothing to do with mainstream/non-mainstream. I personally just dislike the whole vibe Taylor gives off. The shit she pulled with Katy was the lowest thing ever and even though they made up, she never apologized and it was Katy who had to actually ask to end the feud (even though she wasn't the aggressor). She literally had an army of models, whom she called the "Tay Squad" who would act as social media bodyguards for her. She has repeatedly encouraged her fans to bully people she had a personal problem with. She is someone with a massive victim complex, who likes to trash people publicly, encourages bullying and acts as a fucking saint in the public eye.
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