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  1. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by Mash Tragic in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    Couldn't agree more with that. Not only the UK, but European countries should share the blame for what they did/do. 
    America is far from perfect but so are other countries, and at that point, it just feels like an easy target. I mean, she risks nothing pointing out sexism and racism in there. Everyone does it and there are little to no repression thanks to freedom of speech. There are so many more worse countries, but it would be riskier to call them out and it seems she doesn't have the balls to do so. Which leads me to think she doesn't want to be controversial: she simply wants approval.
    And, hey, I'm fine with that, not everyone can handle being authentic and divisive. What bothers me is how she seems to think she's actually doing something... When she's really going nowhere by being a people's pleaser.  
    She's always struck me as narcissistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes her sound out of touch everytime she attempts writing universal shit. The poems give me the feeling she's back on writing from past, personal experiences though. I'm genuinely excited for what's next. 
  2. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by 14n4 in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    i would've enjoyed purge the poison more if she called out the UK with their crazy history of colonization instead of praying for God to "forgive america for every single war". there's defo a LOT of things to say about the united kingdom and i wish she could focus a bit more on her country. i respect her penchant for america but i genuinely think she could do great things when it comes to calling out her homeland. maybe that'd be risky since the monarchy seems to still be this huge thing, but you know what that would make her work genuinely controversial and thought-provoking. i think that would be refreshing and i really need something new from marina. if we're gonna be political then let's just do that to be honest
  3. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by AllForYou in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    keep it! you're not a marina fan but a marina and the diamonds fan
  4. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by urgirl in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    “God forgive America for every single war” has got to be the most stupid pandering insincere lyric this genius woman ever recorded. There is so much wrong with it idek know where to start parsing it. 
  5. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by Veinsineon in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    Marina was tongue in cheek and abrasive on her first three records. Her critiques are not picking sides but rather mediating. Look at Sex Yeah lol….. but yeah she kinda turned into the girls she was writing about 
  6. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by urgirl in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    Unpopular opinion but I never understood the hate for ‘girls,’  it always came across to me as critique on society and gender roles rather than anything to do with actual gender… it’s sad to see marina herself turn on it too

    edit. i see people say it’s the ultimate ‘I’m not like other girls’ song but I’m positive every girl in western world can relate to at least part of what she’s feeling in this song. 
  7. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by revadece in LDRX - Thoughts & Speculations Thread   
    i really wish she would work with some brand new producers for the next album, maybe people who actually produce alternative music instead of pop music. that’d be a dream to hear her inventing some totally new specific sound in her discography, and something tells me that it might be possible if she feels more ambitious about the instrumental side of music instead of lyrical mostly. and look, she performed flipside last night, that song has very different instrumentation from her current sound and flipside isn’t even that popular, if she chose to perform it she has to like it very much
  8. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by pin up galore in LDRX - Thoughts & Speculations Thread   
    ballads  and mother slander 
  9. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by Alison by Slowdive in Favourite Lana Lyrics   
    it's not easy for me to tallk about / a half-life in lost dreams
    you put ur life out on the line / ur crazy all the time
    no need to survive now / all we do is play
    do u like where you've been, where you're going to?
    let there be light / light up my life
    been listening to honeymoon lots <3 
  10. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by Super Movie in Snow on the Beach (featuring More Lana Del Rey) to be released on Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' (Til Dawn Edition) - OUT NOW   
    Some of you are so miserable my god  You don't need to be going on page long rants about Lana's voice or how you don't like the song or whatever. Sometimes we can walk away from our screens
  11. notthatdreamy liked a post in a topic by Anonymcomenter in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    Are we done draggin Marina to the mud? 
    please tell me we are not. 
    im here once again to tell y’all how TFJ to FROOT she was great then sold her ass to LA and wokeness and lost al credibility.
    For someone who tries so hard to be taken seriously she for sure is CAMP AS HELL… those memes, the feminist rants and now the poetry talking about toilets… the saddest part is that, like someone above said, she’s not in the joke. She’s givin Katy Perry “witness” era level cringe 
    Also, firing her manager during maternity leave (if that’s true) is not very females supporting females of her but I’m sure she will find a way to blame men for that too
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