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Lana leaving Churchome in Beverly Hills, CA - September 21st, 2022

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Last night, Lana Del Rey was seen leaving Churchome, a popular church frequented by celebrities, in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California.

Lana has frequented their Wednesday night services over the past 3 years.

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• 4.18.14 • 5.1.14 • 9.20.14 • 5.28.15 • 6.14.15 • 7.28.16 • 7.24.17 • 10.23.17 • 10.24.17 • 1.25.18 • 2.5.18 • 12.5.18 • 10.3.19 • 10.11.19 • 11.16.19 •

SF • ATL • ATL • IND • ATL • CHI • LDN • NYC • NYC • DC • ATL • NYC • PDX • SAN • KS


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2 minutes ago, jamesss said:

wait has there been previous experiences with him and lana 


I don't remember all the details but he stalked her home and Ben knows about it. Lana follows him on Instagram for some reason and I don't know if she knows that he's a creep.

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20 minutes ago, jamesss said:

we need a transcript i can barely hear


Lana: Hi

Ricky: Lana you know me...

Lana: Oops okokokokok

Ricky: You know me... you know me

Lana:  Ok, hi

Ricky: You know me... you know me

Security Guard: She doesn't know you actually

Ricky: Ricky, I'm Ricky

Lana: Um... Ricky Jus- You gotta be careful because I don't want you to hurt yourself

Ricky: I will. I just wanted a picture with you

Lana: You know what, I think, I think it sounds like it's maybe not really a good time 

Ricky: [illegible]

Lana: Listen, listen, but I appreciate you and I, I'm-

(Ricky tries to hug her)

Lana's friend: Let's not

Lana: Ok, well let's be careful ok?

Security Guard: No, come this way, come this way

Lana: alright, I'm going to get-

Ricky's Friend: Just one picture please

Lana: No, guys-

Ricky's friend: We love you

Lana: Be careful okay?

Security Guard: Please get inside, please get inside the car

Lana: Bye guys, i'm sorry about that

Ricky: [ineligible] sending you a message

Lana: Ok i'm- Is that it? 

Ricky: dat1guitarguy

Lana: dat1guitar yeah I understand that, I know who you are and I'm going to keep to myself right now and i'll write back

Ricky: I came to church and-

Lana: Can you walk to-

Lana's friend:  Okay you got a conversation, ok let's go, let's go

Lana: Keep yourself safe babe ok?

Ricky: Ok I will

Lana's friend: Sorry about that




Lindsay lohan GIF - Find on GIFER

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24 minutes ago, DoubleAAThinkingXXX said:

Im getting literal second hand embarrassment:toofloppy: Can we call the psych ward on him or something?!?!!?!?!?!?

i ALWAYS get 2nd hand embarrassment and i fucking hate it :toofloppy:

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