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[SINGLE] Say Yes To Heaven + Sped Up Remix + 7" Picture Disc - OUT NOW

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I’m waiting for them to add it to the austrian universal music store. I don‘t like it that much but I want both songs on vinyl so I‘ll try to get one! 

Does anyone know what the other side will look like? Any guesses? The same picture? 

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11 minutes ago, pin up galore said:

I hope her team doesn't get TOO comfortable just dropping random vinyl singles lmao this for some reason gives me fan made vibes with Black Beauty randomly chosen as the b side like why not Flipside or Is This Happiness? if were gonna do UV tracks that aren't pressed :oprah3:

flipside and is this happiness get their own exclusive vinyl one day (my womanly intuition says so!:true:)

though they should have pressed them all on the same vinyl for an EP..like a 10 inch record or something :toofunny:



anyway the best thing about this is them using more of Neil’s UV photoshoot… a win!




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1 minute ago, Your Favorite Boy said:

Also the german store its says “November 17” so i’m assuming it will be for everyone that date.


same in the US, when i ordered mine it said "November 17"

i wonder when this was made/created. it must've been decided/made a while ago for it to ship so quickly after ordering


if i fuck this model and she just bleached her asshole and i get bleach on my t-shirt, imma feel like an asshole

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Just now, Beautiful Loser said:

I would preorder this without hesitation if I had managed to get a part time job but now I just don’t knowww :kum:

I'm skeptical if the resell for this would be too overpriced, didn't somebody say there was around 14k in stock? (For the US) Trying to imagine whether Discogs resellers would be nicer than Deflop zoomers. Does anybody know if the Candy Necklace 7 inch is scalped?

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