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  1. It could be. I thought it meant a time when she was happy doing nothing. Nowadays perhaps she can still do nothing but it's not satisfying and entertaining as it used to be. It reminded me of how she explains what Video Games is about- when she was just hanging out with her bf, doing nothing/whatever. Stuff like that, when you miss the little things. Like she can still do the little things now, but it meant everything back then and now she has more to worry about, which could be politics included.
  2. It's absolutely my favourite, hands down their best! I love how it sounds sexual and revealing while also dark like it could be a dead body. Sry I just love that.
  3. True, it's usually the 20 year that fans froth over, but right now there seems to be a trend in analysing fashion and music from last decade, and Lana is almost always brought up. It would be the perfect opportunity! Ahaha true. I'm still dying to give her my money for something good though
  4. Nothing can top Blue Jeans for me. The opening sequence. The closing. The crocodiles. How the white swimsuit looks against the b&w. How flawless lana looks. The pool ripples. I remember Blue Jeans was the 4th song I heard from Lana and it was the only one I didn't like much. Something about her voice. I thought she was trying to sing with an accent lmao. Then I saw the video and it completely changed my mind. And Doin Time is just that bitch
  5. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    I actually like that line a lot. For all I know it could be a Lana lyric. It is pretty childish or youthful though, like it reminds me of Big Bad Wolf "cherry red car" "you took all the apples that I had". Come to think off it, the apples line is extremely Melanie-like
  6. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    Cooties is a really nice song but I'm sorry I just can't take "don't you wanna catch my cooties" seriously And yes, before you ask, I do take all of her other lyrics using childhood themes as metaphors seriously
  7. The snippet sounds beautiful. I will just go ahead pretending the cover never saw the light of day and that this is her best era coming no later than the 4th July
  8. Why'd she have to edit the photo so bad. Is that the moon behind her? At least the RCS pic was cute with good lighting.
  9. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    I seriously have no idea either
  10. From what I take in, Lana sings far more about other people's drug use than her own, which I think a lot of people don't recognize, including the critics and fans that think it makes them extra edgy for listening to her songs about doing drugs when they were 13. (Also I'm not talking about alcohol here) The songs where she really sings about herself doing drugs are only referencing weed in HBTB, Brooklyn Baby, BTD, etc. Florida Kilos is the exception but maybe that's the reason it's only on the deluxe release. I think Lanas reference to drugs is predominantly to do with her relationships and how she has seen it through with people even when they've clearly got these problems. I might be missing tonnes of reference but from what I find important in her music, only like 2% of that is drugs. So what I'm trying to say is, when people say that all she wants to sing about is drugs, I think they have spent an extremely limited amount of time listening to her and understanding her lyrics.
  11. One of those timed locked jars so she can lock her phone away after she posts something nah jk I would actually just give her flowers- something nice that she wouldn't throw away immediately (I hope lol) but doesn't have to keep them for long. Probably some Australian natives that she wouldn't have seen much like my favourite- banksias!
  12. Yes! I loved the rollout of FROOT. And as it was the first album release after I became a fan in 2013, it really showed me how engaging and artistic she was. Now I'm hands down believing that Ancient Dreams won't top it, but I am still loving the reminiscence. I really hope we get more personal tracks that aren't as basic as most in L+F
  13. Yes!! Redeeming herself from all that would require a complete change of character, and even tho I have pointed that out + which of her friends could help her do that, I think it's too much to ask of someone, especially if they're 35. I don't wanna be that "stay in your lane girl" person, but she thrives in her niche. It's honestly what is best for her, and the place where no one can topple her down.
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