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  1. Can't wait for The G*ardian to give the album 6/10 and Peetchfork a 7.5
  2. Not as personal as TFJ and FROOT but yeah
  3. https://www.nme.com/reviews/marina-ancient-dreams-in-a-modern-land-review-2965977 Acclaim is coming homos! Or maybe bc the album would have had too much ballads...
  4. Music video has an amazing aesthetic, but its story doesn't make sense (although it's not confirmed there is one). I think it's one of her best for sure Anyway, song S L A P S actually the best track on the album me thinks. It could've had a longer outro but I don't mind its length
  5. 8/10 from Clash (idk if this was posted already) https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/marina-ancient-dreams-in-a-modern-land
  6. Then it'd be too much ballads but for sure
  7. I already wanna hear more songs for this album that's the issue with short albums but there's not single track I dislike at least
  8. Again mi reina, that's subjective, you gotta listen to her. The bops' production is safe but unique and campy (which I love). The ballads are monotonous but enchanting... I still think this one has the best production. Lyrically is deffo not better than TFJ or FROOT but it's for sure an improvement from L+F and better than EH. Overall, it's very cohesive, campy, authentic, cringy, relatable and danceable. It's a really nice album and very possibly a grower for some <3
  9. Actually she served Seriously talking: that's subjective but I don't think it's a bad album at all tbh (and not because ayam a die4 stan). It has its flaws (just lyrically ) but at least it's her most cohesive work and the production is great tbh. I think it's probably one of her best albums
  10. I... Really cannot get over VFT... It's like I'm listening to 2010 Marina again And what about it?
  11. She didn't lie on Venus Fly Trap eh
  12. The production on this album amazes me
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