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  1. I received my shipping notification for my first order too!
  2. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Pretty When You Cry vs Pretty Baby
  3. Elle

    Holly Macve

    I remember Lana mentioning her in the recent Rolling Stone Germany article, so it seems that Lana herself is a fan too! x
  4. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs 13 Beaches
  5. Here's what I was able to transcribe. The very last line he said wasn't super clear, but it sounded like he said "at least one new album" At least one? Could that mean.. more than one?
  6. Clip from the livestream where Mike Dean mentions working with Lana - Host: Are you working with Lana Del Rey? Mike: I'm working on a little something with her, yeah. Host: Yeah? So anything like that you want to talk about with that or new music before we get into art? Mike: I mean Lana I can't really talk about yet, you know I don't really talk about things before they happen. Host: Respect. Mike: We're working on something you know but we haven't finished anything. Host: Respect. Mike: You all have at least one new album.
  7. Lol, these pictures of Instagram influencer Elisha Herbert realising Lana was shopping behind her while taking photos -
  8. I found it! It's the Reformation Zello dress in the Lima colourway
  9. She was at Melrose Trading Post! I've updated the OP & Title to reflect this and added a couple more pictures x
  10. A few hours ago, Lana Del Rey stopped to pose with fans at Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, California.
  11. I'm don't know too much about the workings of last.fm, but I took a look at his LDR scrobbles and saw that he also scrobbled a track titled 'French Restaurant' about a month ago. I'm not sure if this is just another unreleased song or perhaps something new, but we've never heard that title before to my recollection. He shared the following lyrics in the Shoutbox: I actually know of this French restaurant in NYC that she used to frequent, and I went there a few times too when I lived in Brooklyn. It's called Marseille, if there's any New Yorkers on the boards who need some good restaurant recs lol x
  12. Elle

    Melanie Martinez

    Posting snippets of leaks of content set to be released is strictly against our rules. Please report these posts and they will be handled accordingly. Posts asking for links to leaks are also against our rules, so please report those as well. If you wish to share your personal thoughts about leaks, please put them in spoilers as to not ruin the experience for those who would like to be surprised. I'm not quite sure what's going on as I'm not too involved with Melanie, but if you would like to DM my @admin account to discuss the matter further, please feel free to do so x
  13. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    awh you guys are so sweet, thank you my eyes honestly scare me sometimes, like in my pfp LOL but it was also bc I was shook about meeting Lana so they really were wide like cherry pies xx
  14. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    noooo I hate them! it makes my eyes look like bullet holes in my head because I have no lid space to balance them out lol. I have eyes like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, or Karlie Kloss - no eyelid space to do fun eye makeup even though I'm trained I always wear big heavy lashes to hide the fact my eyelids are hidden lol. Lana though has incredible eyelids space, I would kill for her eyes x
  15. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    oh sis same - I have hooded eyelids which is like my biggest frustration about myself, since I do makeup and it's no fun doing it on myself bc of my minimal lid space. I would luvvvv to do Lana's makeup one day - a gorgeous shimmer cut crease and big fluttery lashes! x
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