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  1. more of this n a nectar of the gods soundscape
  2. I just stare at my vinyl and like I’m happy like I know it’s weird but ohmygod. The proud sense of having them. Idk if I even wanna open them ahhhhhhhhh
  3. She's gonna be a favorite within deeper music circles. Her stuff's just too influential and carries a lot of substance that's been recycled itself in the forms of other more popular artists. I really can't name another artist in the scene rite now that does music just like she does. Still cant choose proper favorites bc i love what each track brings to the album its actually kinda shocking
  4. I think it's always been meant to be like an anthology of her work so far, and what her career could've gone to, but it's just the strangest most ironic thing that this album was for the fans and it kinda imploded in regards to the majority of her more serious fanbase. always loved this record because for me, it was meant to be more fun, so glad that others are kinda seeing it's value easier now.
  5. this, but i've just been lazy about putting on the vinyl especially since cocc was released. mite go to it on an easy day but yeah the atmosphere's perfect
  6. this yt page. I remember i'd always be looking for music to sort of enrich life somehow, and i'd put the unreleased on itunes so i could listen to them while i biked down this hill in my neighborhood during sunset thought the page was holy
  7. opened my vinyl, US, and got the azure/deep blue vinyl. the color defo changes depending on the light imo, but i mean look at it there's some kind of like thin waves on mine, and it looks beautiful. it looks like blue fire or the avatar state
  8. i didn't sleep much since like yesterday morning/the nite before. worth it finally. actually the black version isnt included in the pic, but she's there too now i can nap
  9. I’m happy that I got a copy but now Imm wondering if this is like the amazon peach vs amazon white situation again. i love the cobalt one but also like the deep blue. dk if im gonna open mine yet tho
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