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  1. same... i'm going through a spiral I need something for my 2 am drives up the coast
  2. chile there's only one reason somebody shares a picture of the person they disagree with without comment. If you are going to try and be a baddie you have to own it
  3. can we not do this? You can despise something somebody said without attacking their looks.
  4. i cannot wait to hear it in order. lana weaves her albums like tapestries. the pieces by themselves, while good, only offer a partial distorted view of the art.
  5. Damn you isn't great but I still like it LOVE it. the modulation is weird but way better than songs like Change or Snoozetender
  6. sorry hun, unlike lana I don't feed the trolls. I wasn't placing myself above sjw's (a loaded term but useful descriptor for people who spend hours on a website scrutinizing a celebrity;s word for any misspeak or fauz pas. I used to be an sjw. Then I learned empathy and perspective. self-righteous shaming doesn't actually fix the world or the people in it. I feel no rush, in fact it is absolutely exhausting to deal with such bad faith actors. Yawn. Doesn't Lana look great in the video of her and her friends dancing?
  7. sjw's don't care. It's not actually about what the problematic person says, it's about the rush they get of feeling morally superior
  8. Based on her southern accent in the video IT'S COUNTRY
  9. I don't know how to delete what I wrote but I placed it in the wrong thread by accident so I edited it
  10. I for one am glad she's sticking up for herself. You have to call out bad faith actors or they will control the narrative about you. It's about time a celebrity stood up to click bait libel that passes as celebrity news nowadays.
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