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  1. I really want both of them on some old lizzy classics like disco, YBIATR, pin up galore, trash magic, etc. it would fit so well country and western production.
  2. Nice try jessica but its yeehaw and its a jamboree How do u not love her voice….
  3. The chemistry….my god…they have to keep touring together and making music. That new song is so dope and look away and bus sound amazing as always
  4. It’s what i like most about lana- her unpretentiousness l. She does it for the art and the comradery. If she ever did it for fame she does no longer
  5. Me, manifesting that the next 10 records are all yeehaw!! Its a solo nikki song but her and lana first performed it together on the nfr tour
  6. She seems to be a true healthy friend, and I’m glad to see lana found another artist friend but in a slightly differently avenue so there’s not much competition bornrivalry there just good vibes
  7. Hopefully the performance last night with Nikki Lane signals a more country sound on the album.
  8. Local waitress of Last Saloon in Town, Marina Diamondis, formerly with The Diamonds, now not so much, is very excited about the news. " I can't wait to hear Nikki May while I'm serving tables. You know I used to be a pop star-"
  9. this just in (i heard from a vErY gOoD sOuRcE) that lAnA dEl rEy is going cOuNtRy & WeStErN full time. Watercolor eyes is her last lana song. From now on she will be one part of Nikki, May and The Tambourine Jamboree. They will be touring the south and west exclusively and only releasing compilation albums. Congrats to the ladies and can't wait to buy my ticket when they come to Melbourne
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