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  1. Honeysuckle


    never seen those before, thanks for sharing!
  2. the cover's idea is very lovely but this hair isn't it
  3. so glad that artpop is finally getting the love it deserves 🤩 can't wait for joanne and a star is born to also get something they deserve: massive hate
  4. purge the poison is the most "& the diamonds" track i've heard from her in a while, the tfj vibes are immaculate in this one
  5. they don't really know the difference between trip hop and trap, do they?
  6. gaga started her career at an earlier age tho
  7. i can't believe people at this point still get mad over lana for not being "woke enough"
  8. Honeysuckle

    Charli XCX

    feels like a scam to me
  9. yes but they chose to believe the lie
  10. Honeysuckle

    Charli XCX

    you don't know what you've been missing boo
  11. Honeysuckle


    this is such an ugly green, it's not fitting at all yellow would be so much better, a wasted opportunity
  12. this makeup look is everything, glowing goddess
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