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  1. Motopapi


    she needs to releaseeee
  2. Who is this and why is she not saying a damn thing but letting other people snitch about the albummmm im so stressed
  3. Motopapi

    Melanie Martinez

    idk bc i felt like it was a pop banger and good enough for a lead
  4. Motopapi

    Melanie Martinez

    the single will probbaly be void or something new
  5. yes she said it was eventually gonna be released separately from the album, she commented it on one of her posts
  6. Motopapi

    Melanie Martinez

    also... i mean, yeah nfts are just no sense to me but she isn't forcing anyone in buying them?? like?? people decide what to do with their money so if someone wanna buy a fucking nft, it's none of our business i guess.
  7. girl i wish, i was just manifesting well she can release randomly on a random day of march and it will still be a surprise even if we know the month
  8. surprise drop on march 1st yes yes it's trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Motopapi

    Addison Rae

    addison rae the new pop supreme no it's true it's true
  10. I am obsessed. It literally sounds like lizzy x 2014 lana im so shook i cant stop replaying it
  11. Motopapi

    FKA twigs

    this is so iconic.... ride the dragon is straight out lp1
  12. Motopapi

    Cruel Youth

    the cruel youth project was just so perfect. i wish she could just talk about how they set her up at the x factor and be freed by the hate. so sad
  13. Motopapi


    new snippet is fire help
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