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  1. All her Sirens era folks-y songs had to grow on me
  2. sexyslutboy

    Azealia Banks

    Throughout her history of dragging, a lot of them have been funny and also well deserved but she's still just kind of a pathetic person and thats undeniable and not worth refuting. but its not like i have a moral conundrum every time i listen to her music though. bad person with a few good tracks. its a simple story
  3. sexyslutboy

    Azealia Banks

    Her collab with Shygirl got cancelled too because of her behaviour (namely, cat skull boiling)
  4. The way that she went from publicly praising her idols in her music as lizzy grant to actually being in the same social circle as them has always been incredible to me. And I wonder how that must have been for her
  5. sexyslutboy

    Azealia Banks

    The twitter account with thousands of followers that everyone thought was her turns out to not even be her was it @ seaqueen_2020? i can't find it so i think it got removed?
  6. 1. White dress 2. Wild at heart 3. Dance til we die 4. Dark but just a game 5. Yosemite 6. Not all who wander are lost 7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 8. For free 9. Tulsa Jesus Freak 10. Breaking up slowly 11. Let me love you like a woman TBH I mostly ranked it by how relatable the track will be to me
  7. To be fair i haven't seen the movie in a long time so i don't really remember but in general i hold the opinion that a movie doesn't necessarily need to be cohesive or particularly intelligent to be a good movie. Aesthetic aims are still noble aims. no disrespect to your opinion though cause thats valid
  8. ah i miss my stealing days Last thing i bought was some coffee creamer
  9. Josiah Wise (born July 9, 1988), known professionally as serpentwithfeet, is an experimental musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Wise released the EP Blisters in 2016, his debut studio album soil in 2018, and his second EP Apparition in 2020, and his second studio album Deacon in 2021. Four Ethers is the first song of his I ever heard and I was kind of pleasantly surprised with how... biblical..(?) It feels. Anyways, check him out if you're into more experimental stuff
  10. I was obsessed with Kill Your Darlings when i was like 15. I got a copy of Ulyssus just cause it was mentioned in the movie as a censored book but i still haven't read it cause it's big af and im scared. Also got interested in the Tropic of Cancer cause of this scene which i will be reading soon
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