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  1. can aggressively liberal journalists please stop pinning thousands of years of oppression and violence on random celebrities to generate traffic on their website. lolz.
  2. I know i'm being presumptuous but i've always got the feeling that they were only "friends" because their fanbases overlap a lot. They have very different personalities Marina doesn't follow her as of now. and funny that she posted about Halsey's poetry book but not Lanas
  3. Mediators are the best kind of people i've never met one who i didn't instantly love. even though i'm enfp
  4. it was been bothering me for a while that her dad looks like some cartoon character but i couldn't exactly put my finger on which one but i finally found it you guys see it too right??
  5. I was reminiscing about how amazing of a song Heroin is earlier today. LFL needs more appreciation in general. I think its her best album name, "lust for life" just provokes such pleasant and lush feelings
  6. Industry plant for sure. Theres not way she could have gone from being essentially unknown to literally every tiktok featuring her song organically. It doesn't take away from her talent, but its extremely obvious who in the hell is comparing this to cellophane
  7. You don't need to take it from me cause im not gonna pretend i'm some kind of authority on the subject but it is feeling very performative to me. Being an ally means supporting and listening to the marginalized group in your everyday life. She did not give a single shit about all the women of colour who were really hurt at her QFTC. i really do hate having to be a negative bitch on LB every time Lana does something related to the subject of politics or racial conversations but this is just how i'd see it if anyone else was acting like this
  8. I just rewatched Kill Your Darlings. A must-watch for anyone interested in Allen Ginsberg or the beat poets at all
  9. The distance between how much I hate LMLYLAW and how much I love COTCC is incredible
  10. Youtube comment stans are insane. I was looking through the comments on the interview after it was uploaded and everyone is convinced she's some kind of God speaking gospel. Someone even said that Annie Mac didn't understand it because shes one of the narcissists lana was talking about... what
  11. We don't need to worry about this being representative of the actual professional reviews. I'm pretty sure Jezebel is one of those publications that literally anyone can write for. The author obviously wrote this out just for the sake of complaining about something. "nothing really happens but women become wolves" i'm not gonna pretend the story/symbolism in cotcc is profound but that was some dumb shit to say. It's stupidly unprofessional.
  12. tf was the point of making it black and white. it would have turned out better with colour. the lighting is good and all the red pops out nicely
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