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  1. " my life is my poetry my lovemaking is my legacy" is a good line and it's only cringe if you take poetry too seriously, and if you do, that's just a you problem
  2. not rob telling people his daughter is dead
  3. where are we getting this info from?
  4. Just finished re-reading Romeo and Juliet. Will now be re-reading Dionysus: Myth and Cult
  5. As the Queen it's not about her as a person. It's about what she is as a symbol
  6. they haven't heard about it yet. they're still waiting for a silly little man to stand in front of buckingham palace with a scroll and say "HEAR YE HEAR YE, I HEARBY PRONOUNCE..."
  7. if this wasn't political she would be some random old lady and we have no reason to hear about her death in the first place. the only reason we know about her existence is politics
  8. right. Elizabeth was a person, but as the queen she is/was a political figure, and an embodied abstract idea of power to be criticized.
  9. Having a death note phase at the age of 11 definitely effected the trajectory of my life not even anime in general. just death note. and I was OBSESSED
  10. not mad. but the fact that basically no piece is related to any other piece of the fit is cracking me up but she's always been weird so lets not act surprised
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