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  1. yea! i remember long ago seeing a comment on an old lizzie grant performance. Someone was saying how sad they were that they'd never get to see her like that. But look! it makes me happy that it's just like old times now
  2. Extremely random post. But I'm pretty sure, if you listen closely, this sound bit here (0:46) is the same sample lana used in blue jeans (0:43)
  3. she didn't really do that in any of her music ever
  4. (this doesn't answer your question) i don't know much about visual kei but i do know malice mizer is cool
  5. lana isn't 12 years old guys i think she can manage making her own decisions
  6. I love the 120 days of Sodom
  7. Maybe cause Humber Humber is French (i don't remember if he was actually french or if he was just obsessed with making french literary references)
  8. Lana has only ever talked about the trailer park days positively lol. Tiktok thinks: trailer park = poor = drugs, prositution, alcohol, crack, strippers
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