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  1. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by LDRO in Lana Spotted House Hunting with Barrie in LA   
    Lana & Barrie were spotted together yesterday (July 27th) looking around LA for houses! How cute! 
  2. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Trinity in Cola   
    Oh my God, watching this makes me so jealous. It was a great performance. I want her to come to the US so bad
    As for the lyrics, I think it sounds like "it's a crazy love" or "it's a crazy life" and then "I'm your baby girl" or "I'm your baby doll" or maybe "Br-br-break it down"?
  3. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by paradisetropico in Bare Feet on Linoleum   
    this gave me CHILLS.... WTF its STUNNING... 
    also who is Brother? could it be Jim Morrison? 
    god I hope she doesn't hate us fans, im sure we all say the " Your stories are mesmerising" "I always have the most interesting stories" "People love your stories" "You are an interesting performer" 
    it must get exhausting,  lot of psychological points to this poem wow
  4. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by bigspender in Minor General Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread   
    somehow got my hands on a "lossless" is this happiness file and im new at reading spek, can someone tell me if it's real or not? its supposed to be 16-bit/44khz.
  5. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Ultra Violet in Sound effects in Lana songs   
    Discussion on the sound effects (different to song samples) in Lana's songs.
    Some of my favourites are:
    - the fireworks in National Anthem (it makes me feel so celebratory and i picture them every time)
    - what are the rickety noises in the first verse of FMWUTTT? I always imagine it as a train rolling over the train tracks.
    - the soft ticking throughout the chorus of Heroin (different to the gun cocking). It makes me feel like time is running out.
    - the train whirring past in the second verse of 13 Beaches
    -the bird noise throughout some BTD songs (and also Gods and Monsters). What instrument is that? It sounds kind of like a flute or pipe.
    -The glass smashing in TNBAR. In the demo, it is a beautiful and intense addition. 
    But there are so many more. Would appreciate help reminding me of some 
  6. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by BlueJeans in Lana's vocal quality and vibrato   
    Her voice puzzles me ... Firstly it has so many colors and texture, she can sound girlish, then deep and sulky, sometimes drunk  ... The BTD vocals sometimes sound "chipmunked" but it could be just one of her voice texture ...
    There's been some kind of change, definitely. There might have been some vocal training, why not, every singer should welcome those type of training, I think even Whitney Houston did it and we all know what she could do (I would feel awkward in the place of the vocal coach haha). Anyway, she could have had some vocal coaching but also maybe some training on how to feel better on stage. Because stress, stage fright etc... Deeply affect your voice. I like to sing but in my basement, where nobody hears me, as soon as I'm supposed to sing in front of even one friend, my voice becomes thin and shy. So imagine being in front of a live audience and being broadcasted on TV for one of your "first" live shows as LDR, having to defend your brand. The pressure must have been immense.
    Now that I think of it, I seem to remember that she once talked about the performance in an interview and that she said someone coached her afterwards ... Couldn't remember the paper it was in ...
  7. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Creyk in Lana's vocal quality and vibrato   
    Well apparently after the SNL travesty someone at her label gave her plenty of coaching/lessons. 
    But also how she does depends on the day/mood, as she said numberous times. It seems to be a mental issue with her, what kind of mindset she is in at the moment, how much is she blocking herself with her depression/anxiety I don't even know what her problems are anymore. 
    Point is, I agree that she has definitely improved, and she probably had a specially good day when ITH was recorded
  8. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Honeymooner in Lana's vocal quality and vibrato   
    Hey everyone,
    I'm curious to see what some of my fellow musicians (instrumental or vocal, doesn't matter) have to say on this topic.
    I've heard it said that Lana's voice has gotten stronger since Born To Die came out.  I think Ultraviolence is certainly proof of that.  But one thing I've also noticed is that her vibrato has improved dramatically.
    In the beginning, it seemed like it was sometimes shaky and unsteady, and was always kind of fast and fluttery.  The songs on Born To Die had that quality.  Paradise was a small improvement.  You can really only tell when she holds sustained notes.  "American" is a good example.  Take the chorus: "You make me crazy / You make me wiiiii-iiiild..."  On that last held note, you can hear her vibrato, and while it's better than it had been in the past, it's still a bit fast for my taste.  Fast forward to "Young and Beautiful" -- again, a marginal improvement, but still fluttery.  Fast forward again to "Once Upon a Dream," and there's still more improvement.
    But, where I noticed the most dramatic change was in the bonus track "Is This Happiness" on Ultraviolence.  When she holds "Is this happineeessssssss". you can really hear a change.  Her vibrato is slower and wider than even on other UV songs.  To me, this is the most beautiful her voice has ever sounded.  I wonder if she had any sort of vocal coaching, or if she just changed on her own, or...?  "Is This Happiness" is definitely my favorite UV track.
    Look forward to discussion
  9. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by mkultraviolence in A&W   
    Some of the lyrics remind me of her poem, Bare Feet on Linoleum.
    Bare Feet on Linoleum
    My thoughts from the first time I read Bare Feet on Linoleum years ago and how I think it relates to A&W:
    In BFOL it seemed to me like her mother told everyone she was crazy at the expense of Lana's feelings and dignity. Like her mom chose to protect her family's reputation by lying and throwing her daughter under the bus. Lana seems to corroborate this in A&W with the line "do you really think that anybody would think I didn't ask for it?". With all the references to being a whore, I think Lana's mom could have told the townspeople (as she calls them in BFOL) that her daughter is a slut, a drunk and/or crazy. Maybe her mom did that to protect the reputation of the person who might have raped her. Also, when Lana uses the word "treason" in the stanza 6 line, "it's been a real fight just to stop my mind from committing treason", I thought that the act of treason could be to go against her family. She would "betray" them and be a traitor to her family. I imagine her mom could have used words like that when she was younger to make her keep quiet. Something along the lines of: If you tell you will ruin our family. You are being selfish, only thinking of yourself and not the lives of your parents, grandparents and siblings that you will end up destroying. This may be affirmed by the A&W lyric: "I'm a a princess. I'm divisive". Patty might have told Lana that she's spoiled and dividing the family apart. 
    Lana has used the word "home" in some of her recent songs and poems. Stanza 9 of BFOL: "Would standing in front of Mount Rushmore feel like the Great American homecoming I never had?". I've always interpreted that as a metaphor for her coming home from boarding school back to Lake Placid. With the rest of the context of the poem, I assumed her mom continued making up lies while Lana was away when she had no way to defend her own truth and dignity. Returning home would have felt like a slap in the face as she learns that the people in her very small town have been whispering rumors about her. Furthermore, at the start of the BFOL audio you can hear android-like voices chatting as if at a dinner party. Some of the conversation I can make out is, "You are a good/fantastic/interesting conversationalist. Your stories are mesmerizing. People love your stories. People love my stories. You have plenty of interesting stories". I think this could be about the stories and rumors her mother told. Or maybe this is Lana's story. "Didn't testify, already fucked up my story," she sings. Patty might have dismissed Lana's allegations by telling her and the whispering townsfolk that she's just making up stories. "Oh, she just makes things up. She is a great storyteller, isn't she!". Now, going back to BFOL. The chattering voices are heard in the background throughout the full audio recording. Towards the end they start getting louder and remain that way even after Lana finishes her poem. At the very end, while the voices continue talking, Lana whispers along with them, "People love my stories. People love my jokes". I also connect the chatter heard in the poem to this line in A&W: "Do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking?". Additionally, when she sings, "I'm invisible", this could be thought of as her voice being drowned out by all the rumors. Her voice becomes lost in a sea of lies and people no longer hear her or they choose to not listen. 
    "It's not about having someone to love me anymorе," Lana sings. She follows this with, "This is the experiеnce of being an American whore". Here Lana might be saying that she is no longer looking for the "warm embrace [she's] never known" as she wrote in BFOL. She is no longer looking for the love she was denied. Now she is going to be a whore. Maybe she uses sex to cope. It might also mean something like: "You called me a whore when I was just a girl. You said to everyone in our town that I'm a whore. Fine, you want to call me a whore? I'll show you what it looks like when I'm actually a whore."
  10. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Elle in Bare Feet on Linoleum   
    This one is so visual to me, like a scene in a horror movie or mind thriller.
    I visualise her sitting in a chair in large, cream-coloured, empty room with one glass wall she's facing that we're looking through while she's reading the poem out of her book. Then behind her are these faceless silhouettes, almost like robots but more human-like (slenderman-esque?), that stand behind her reciting the lines heard in the background. Then at the point of the poem where she says "& now, I’m left wondering, where do I go from here?" she looks up towards the glass but her eyes glossed over as if she's what she's looking towards is just one-way, mirrored glass & the figures begin to walk towards her, until at the end when the poem stops they are surrounding her - some playing with her hair, smoothing her dress, adjusting her ankles - and she closes her eyes, leans her head back, and begins to recite back the words they had been saying to her - "people love my stories."
    (I feel sort of ridiculous posting this strange visualisation, but it's just what I see!) x
  11. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by takeitdoen in Bare Feet on Linoleum   
    There is some interesting audio samples that play throughout, and are most present at the start and the end, a couple of men and women overlapping with these kinda things:
    "I have plenty of witty anecdotes" "Your stories are mesmerising"  "I always have the most interesting stories" "I am an interesting person" "People love your stories" "You are a fantastic person" "You have plenty of interesting stories "You are an interesting performer" There are lots of variants - it almost sounds like they're practising Meisner? It gives the work a sort of terrifying dimension - the coolest part is at the end Lana starts to slowly speak along with them, like she's hypnotised. 
  12. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by WhiteHydrangea in Bare Feet on Linoleum   
    This was an interesting poem, but I don't feel as much as poetry as it is storytelling. I think the writing is beautiful, it completly made me feel as her... I completly drifted away in thought like her, only to come back down to earth to keep on doing the simple things of the day. That is the most typical things we as humans do, or at least what I tend to do. When there are so many things holding you back from the past and you just don't wanna be where you are you think about all the possible things you could do to get away, but without being able ignore the things that haunt your mind.
    I feel like the poetry book is still Lana Del Rey landscaped, you can see all the touches of failed fame, death and love but through a more realistic side, no as much fantasy added.
    In this one I believe she is yet again referencing the way she was treated in the press in 2012  with the whole SNL perfomance and her authenticity
    "Would standing in front of Mount Rushmore feel like the Great
    American homecoming I never had? Would the magnitude of the scale of the sculpture take the place of the warm embrace I've never known."  (Is she saying she is deserving of a monument such as Mount Rushmore in her honor? I also think Grammy's are not enough Lana haha)   Photoshoots for magazines or Paparazzi chasing her (once again)? Tiny beads of sweat dot my forehead Could be mistaken for dew drops if this were photo season. ... Leave me in peace I cry  
    The thought about retiring yet again (Do you guys ever wonder how many times Lana will make another statement about retiring from music? She's been going about that since 2012 before Paradise, came back to it after the Paradise outtakes leaked, she wrote Swan Song, and has since the Honeymoon era made claims about touring just enough, and releasing just enough albums, and not promoting that much to be left alone little by little... (I think she's just waiting to start a family so she can retire)
    And now that I've gone scorched earth I'm left wondering where to go from here.   What is surprising is that I believe she's touching on suicide(Stay on your path, don't fall away like the others) for the first time since her "I wish I was dead already" thing haha, ever since Get Free, Change and Heroin she proclaimed to be wanting to be a better different version of herself. In NFR (album) we see her claiming to be stronger than ever (see Mariner's Apartment Complex) and she concludes in Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have to not being happy and yet not being sad either, just as in this poem "Bored - but not unhappy" And she is once more relating herself to Sylvia Plath   "24/7 Sylvia Plath" - "Stay on your path Sylvia Plath"   I'm glad she's doing better now, I wished she didn't identify herself as a tragic poet tho    (Also, what do you guys think are the lies she's referencing to here   "But alas this is a real life - and it's been a real fight just to Keep my mind from committing treason. Why you ask? Because she told the towns people I was crazy and the lies they Started to believe them"   And when Lana says it's being hard to not commit treason isn't killing someone (the she that spread the lies) or herself, committing treason would have been to accept the lies that were spread about her, and giving up on music and disappearing from the spotlight. She chose to keep releasing songs, to prove she was a real artist and that her creations were art. And yet after all that, there's nothing left to do, where to go from here? I think it's really the theme of the poem
  13. mr borntolose liked a post in a topic by Matt in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    When people say smoking is unnatractice, I disagree. It only makes unnatractive people look more unnatractive. It makes sexy people even sexier. For example, Lana. Her smoking is sexy. The local bum on the street, smoking makes him look uglier.
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