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Québec, CAN @ Festival d’été de Qc - July 15th, 2023

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                                      Pokemon Eevee GIF - Pokemon Eevee Flower - Discover & Share GIFs                                   evee-dancing.gif

Bring Me That Horizon — ianime0: Pokemon XY | Eevee Dancing


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3 minutes ago, Surf Noir said:


somebody start a petition for lana to upload all of the lizzy grant music videos to youtube :prettyhurts: we're tired of the low-quality verisons which have been compressed to shit from being uploaded to youtube 100 times over with pitched audio

when she downloads these versions and posts them on uhauljoe then what

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2 minutes ago, SoftwareUpgrade said:

This snippet of chat represents every different Lipster POV:




dynomita is most definitely a lanaboards user :thumb3: :true: 

𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝓀𝑒𝑒𝓅 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓎𝓃 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒿𝑜𝒶𝓃 𝑜𝒻 𝒶𝓇𝒸

𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓃'𝓉 𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒹 𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝓌𝑜𝓂𝒶𝓃 𝒷𝑒𝒻𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝑜𝓇 𝒶𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀

𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 𝓂𝓎 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 𝒾𝓈𝓁𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎

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