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  1. Lana dropped hints in COCC for featured on BB. covering Joni- Both Sides Now Dancing with Joan- St Tropez ft Joan Baez Stevie’s calling on the telephone- Telephone (LG cover) ft Stevie Nicks and Nikki Lane Court almost burnt down my home- Sex On Fire (Kings of Leon cover) ft Courtney Love God it feels good not to be alone- Alone ( heart cover) ftNikki Lane wow I’m such a detective pay me in white lines plz
  2. I think NFR and COCC were necessary detours of self discovery and explorationfor lana’s discography and artistry but also that they are done, and she will be returning to the path she was on post LF, only with a deeper understanding of what she wants and why she’s doing it.Hopefully BB is a return to a more intricate production whether its bobs or deepcut crying ballads. Very excited to hear BB as she already seems more excited for it to release than COCC
  3. If lana is leaning in to the content of QFTC on RCS/BB, and there's an unreleased song on it, it would make all the sense for Push Me Down, Boarding School, or Put Me In A Movie to be the unreleased on the album
  4. Cruel World feels like a million years... bloat can transcend time run. HM is one of her longest projects and it flows perfectly. BB can be as long as she wants so long as there's no filler.
  5. FAKE. lana is a master lyricist and poet (well most of the time). Lana is very good about keeping a consistant rhyme and syllable scheme in a song, and this ain;t it. Also the lyrics don't match the thematic vibe of the snippet. I hope it's not real
  6. BB will be iconic, pretty, and skinny like BTD and HM. No bloat this summer (looking at you UV and LFL) only the pure thing only the real thing only blue bannisters Also no way those lyrics are real. If they are real I'll change my pfp from bernie to michelle bachman
  7. Watch that day just be the day she announces her candidacy for CA Governor in the recall election. Her platform being: reparations, no mask mandates, folk for all, and another third wave of feminism. RCS is actually her campaign slogan.
  8. i know y'all are joking but that would be a disgusting violation of privacy and so gross. Celebrities (and the people who date them) are people too and they have a right to privacy and human decency.
  9. lana providing the Catholic. zack providing the Psychedelic. mike providing the Synth. nikki providing the Folk. The way that we are winning.
  10. No. Sorry I should have been more clear. COCC had the folk and witchy vibes LFL was supposed to have, and I think RCS will have the horror aspects LFL allegedly originally had
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