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  1. 2nd half of Ultraviolence (Sad Girl and on) >>> 1st half of Ultraviolence (Cruel World - West Coast)
  2. Plot twist: BB, WW, and TB are all scrapped too and just standalone singles Bigger plot twist: BB, WW, and TB are all scrapped too and get removed from all streaming platforms
  3. what theme are y'all using here on LB?
  4. NFR came 2 years after one of her worst albums and you had to wait a whole year from the first single to the album release. Chemtrails was pushed back multiple times with many false promises and controversies laced in between. How can you say this pre-release era, which has only been like 2 months long AND has included 3 singles AND it's only been 3 months since her last album... is her worst?
  5. For all of you were who were praising the hell out of the 3 singles when they were released while I was expressing my disappointment, I'm here to admit that I was wrong. I've been finally starting to really get into the singles lately, and Sher the Truth's analysis of the lyrics finally make me understand what y'all have been screaming about her songwriting growth
  6. Is this Lana’s hardest to pronounce and to remember song title, or am I just dumb?
  7. Every song that I’ve tried using spatial audio sounds worse to me than listening to it normally. I’m excited about lossless though for my dedicated headphone setup. COTCC and the new singles aren’t available in lossless though.
  8. NFR! Ultraviolence AKA Honeymoon Born to Die Chemtrails Sirens Lust for Life Paradise
  9. My ranking: Born to Die Video Games Norman fucking Rockwell / Bartender/ Happiness is a Butterfly Chemtrails Over the Country Club Music to Watch Boys To
  10. How would we feel about a whole album of songs similar to: Kill Kill Doin’ Time Florida Kilos West Coast (Alternate/Radio) Mix aka summer, beachy, tropical songs?
  11. Happiness is a Butterfly is Lana's #9 top song on Spotify right now. Pretty unexpected 🤨
  12. I feel similarly. I've had a really hard time connecting with anything post-NFR besides a few songs off of COTCC. I've listened to COTCC and the 3 new singles a lot, but it still feels like I can't figure out my opinion of them. Like I keep listening, but at the same time, I can't decide if I even like what I'm listening to or not. I obviously don't dislike it or I wouldn't keep listening, but it just isn't connecting for me. It's really odd, especially when it's an artist who I've instantly clicked and connected with on a deep level since I first listened to her.
  13. It’s criminally underrated. Probably my favorite summer album too. Listening to it on a hot dry sunny day while driving in the country highways is too good.
  14. Sirens: Pretty Baby AKA: Kill Kill BTD: Summertime Sadness Paradise: Ride UV: Pretty When You Cry HM: Music to Watch Boys To LFL: White Mustang NFR: Venice Bitch COTCC: Tulsa Jesus Freak
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