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  1. i really do prefer her old style of writing
  2. maybe the whole collabing w/ female artists thing she talked about last year is putting them on a remix of all the singles
  3. i dont see whats wrong with savages lyrics
  4. we getting over the love 2.0 yassssss
  5. i literally said this is my last post in this thread, not u attempting to drag over my opinion
  6. okie this my last stop this sounds like nothing new from her and i'm beyond bored at this point goodbye Blue Banisters (f.k.a Rock Candy Sweet) - Pre-Release Thread: OUT JULY 4TH
  7. it’s not really required since it’ll be on the packaging anyway... that’s the cover i fear
  8. bestie... why exactly and i told her i said ma'am
  9. good visuals come with the package... decent visuals even
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