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  1. and then its just that fan made cover...
  2. EXACTLY. not reworking/releasing the old stuff everyone was waiting for is a dumb choice and cutting off vbs and wcdi? wild of her since they were tracks of the 2018 h4u and are available in full lenght.
  3. the way the 2 songs are h4u and aatw...and then its just her cheap emo music featuring her bf well lets wait and see maybe im talkin shit and actually like it lol
  4. im gonna be honestly surprised if she drops h4u instead of idoz, cuz shes been teasing that since she came back. anyway hope that h4u and idoz both get released
  5. YES!! thats exactly my opinion...not putting her music on stream is kind of a dumb decision even if the process of putting it back on streaming is long. shes been blowing up since 2020 ig and she didnt won any money from this, and she literally almost went homeless some time ago.
  6. ulttraviolenncee

    Song vs. Song

    girl that got away x the other woman
  7. kahne 19 haynie 15 heath 12 blake 6 nowels 21 dawes 5 barrie 11
  8. kill kill 18 born to die 9 ultraviolence 29 honeymoon 35 nfr 11 cotcc 28 blue banisters 5
  9. i thought it was bc she doesnt want to have her image associated with the "transgender lolita character" (her words) she created and wanted to end this, but idk if the big juicy, barely legal and the cumshot and www.fuckme.com eps had that much of samples?? i mean theres back to crack and l2f yk
  10. ulttraviolenncee

    Song vs. Song

    pin up galore x for k pt 2
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