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  1. I love the original with Troye Sivan but I love the concert version so much more. It makes me cry harder than the original
  2. I really hope there's no country songs on this. I want Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight-type vibes.
  3. I'm interested in psychiatry so I'm reading: 1. American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System 2. DSM-III Casebook 3. DSM-III-R Casebook 4. DSM-IV Case Studies 5. DSM-5 Guidebook 6. DSM-5 Essentials
  4. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    If I wanted to say we should keep doing that, I would have said we should keep doing that. All I did and all I intended was to point out that material that's been leaked has still been used.
  5. I still don't think she's going to release anything. July 4 is a Sunday.
  6. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    what are you talking about? I'm not complaining about anything. also was there a need to be so rude?
  7. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    that's what people said about K-12 but Drama Club and a song that was intended for it leaked and she still released it.
  8. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    what does that mean?
  9. baddisease

    Billie Eilish

    I was hoping that her remix of the song i mentioned would be on the album. how wrong i was :/
  10. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    shut up. you need to chill.
  11. They judge me like a picture book By the colors, like they forgot to read vs Met him at the club and from that night on he called me his princess, right on I'm his little ex-beauty queen, never goin' back to where I been
  12. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    doxxing group?
  13. baddisease

    Lil Peep

    Everybody's Everything - the album - has passed 600 million streams and is the 3rd Peep album to hit that record! also Liza Womack's (Peep's mom) lawsuit against Peep's management and label has been postponed until July. She's suing them because she thinks they're the reason why Peep had a drug problem.
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