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  1. My new job at this law firm is just... extreme, to put it lightly, and everyone is a nutjob There's just one girl who seemed really sweet, took me for a little tour too and just makes me feel normal there. So today, while working, I noticed she had some music playing quietly in the background and it was RIDE BY LANA I thought like omg, it couldn't be that she's probably just playing it as a one off from somewhere. BUT THEN SHE PLAYED ULTRAVIOLENCE TOO those lyrics are too intense for work here, so the low level of sound like, what a dedicated and dangerous gworl Figures that the one person with a heART around here would be a Lana fan
  2. Always a good time seeing these fresh BB updates, I love it ... no comment
  3. the more you know I hope she does! I'm getting impatient and I'm already an impatient person I also wonder why she hasn't posted like anything about BB since the triple drop. I hope she's happy with this album/how it's rolling out
  4. While driving tonight, a song came on and I was like damn, who dis, before realizing it's Lana, one of her new songs . I barely listened to them (as I didn't exp love at first listen) so I couldn't remember them. And well, WOW it took me on a journey. I realize now that for these specific songs, you have to be in the right kind of mood tbh. It really felt serene and hauntingly beautiful, and as normally/naturally I'm not a calm person, it's harder for me to get into that kinda zone. Sounds crazy but in the future I see myself really falling for these songs, as I calm down in life as life goes on
  5. I feel like Lana's new IG caption of "Jen me Mike booth Tatiana Valerie dad the new baby and who else am I missing!" was just for you I thought of you instantly 😂💖
  6. I just bought it! LMAO Looking forward to my super special $40 pin omg
  7. My asian mom has no clue who TS is but hardcore stanned MJ all her life lmao, pretty sure it's not the same lvl of global influence at all That being said, I doooo enjoy TS (especially 1989, one of my faves), no hate! !!!!! I wonder if this is apart of her new look for BB?! Love it.
  8. Like hair part as in
  9. I really dislike Lana's middle part It's not that she looks horrible or smthn, but just so much better with a side part
  10. LMAO before I even got to the "did nothing" part I quickly ran to her IG and YT w my excitement that something happened
  11. Same!! Every once in a while I end up drowning in a different Lana era just depending on the mooood
  12. I sent a rando video of nothing to my (self-conscious) friend, but with Girl That Got Away playing in the background and the friend, who isn't familiar with Lana said she needs to channel that energy into her Lans saving lives out here
  13. I'm just gonna pretend the June stuff was never a thing and will be looking forward to July, when hopefully this shit better be released by Keepin us hot like July forever
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