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  1. hi ok just wanna say scab and plaster is so fucking good
  2. reminds me of when id force everyone to listen to lana whenever a game had the roblox radio one of my favs to play was an uncensored cola that somehow got bypassed anywhosies i was watching one of marinas videos and lana was always in my recommendations (or someone she was compared to) so i finally decided to watch one of her recommended videos which was national anthem and i fell in love with her music and visuals
  3. for some reason i had a dream where she sent me (and others) care packages for being "longtime" fan and for some reason she sent me edibles in the form of nature valley granola bars (the ones that get everywhere with every crunch and as soon as you open them) anyway excited for venus fly trap!!
  4. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    random but what the actual fuck was that drama where people got mad cause she asked some fans not to take a photo of her w/o her permission anyway she should do another cosmetics collab (like the lipsticks she did w lime crime)
  5. https://www.wattpad.com/story/9458400-give-me-love-marina-diamandis-and-lana-del-rey-a
  6. its so weird to see people constantly trying to justify the death of a black person killed in the hands of police and on the other side of the spectrum you have people thanking said black person for being "killed" (they were murdered, not just killed. they werent putting their lives out there for the sake of the community, their lives were taken from them against their will) because an officer finally got the punishment he deserves and to them its justice even though NOTHING has changed in the system so that doesnt happen again. an officer being put in jail doesnt take away their death. and it sure as hell doesnt prevent the innocent deaths that will be continued in a racist system. im not saying that im not happy chauvin (in this case) is going to prison. i am - he deserves it. and i can be put at peace that a murderer was caught and will now be punished.. but that's it. i feel weird trying to say that justice has been served when i know that this is going to happen again considering it already has - multiple times. *just want to say im not a POC, i dont want brownie points or anything - but if i said something that was out of line or anything please let me know as i dont have that personal connection to this. i can acknowledge and support those who do though and be educated on these topics so i can learn and understand how to support those who have to suffer this problem even more and stand behind them in trying to end it.
  7. Escapism

    Britney Spears

    she deserves so much better shes such an icon and was someone i looked up to since the day i popped outta my moms pussy (my moms a stan) anyway i distinctly remember when blackout came out when i was 7 and it was and still is one of my favorite albums ever i wouldnt call myself a stan (not in the same way i am w lana) but i do love her to death and wish her the best of the best and wanna thank her for being such an icon from my childhood and now anyway she is a legend from now until the end of time
  8. one of my favorite time periods of lana is her transition from lizzy grant to lana del rey and i wished there was an official album with those songs (kinda outta luck, ycbtb, hundred dollar bills, etc.) as perhaps a b side to born to die or a prelude also i love aka
  9. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    um...ive got no idea what the fuck is going on so im just going to say stream dead to me and bittersweet tragedy
  10. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    if were gonna talk about leaks remember when bombs on monday leaked now THAT was an experience for a mentally ill high schooler having an existential crisis after final exams and i think some starbux either way it’s one of my favs by her to this day and i kinda hope she would push forward in that direction with her music
  11. her twins big like tia tamara....
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