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  1. okay thanks haha I guess my trackings just not updating or something then since its been 4 days since I got the shipping notification for my first order Its so weird though, I only ever have this problem with buying from Lana's stores haha
  2. omg that's so weird...I got the tank top and the shorts too and honestly seeing how it looks I think I might just use it as pajamas haha Also, how long did it take for you order to ship? Two of my orders have "shipped" (basically they just printed the shipping labels haha) but it says USPS hasn't recieved the packages yet Just like the violet merch all over again haha
  3. omg that sucks...did they say why aren't they able to fulfill it? I got a size medium in the jacket which I think was like immediately delayed to May 15th but I'm hoping I'll still get it
  4. I'm in the US too haha but mine just shipped, I haven't actually gotten it yet
  5. Aw thank you haha and yes it really seems like I've had a lot of delays lately but it seems that village merch is shipping sort of on time so thats good!
  6. omg my order just shipped! (I got two cropped hoodies and the lip balms)
  7. True haha like its pretty weird he called it that and I wonder how you even get on the PR list? Like I think he was the one who made that video dancing to white dress that got pretty popular so maybe that's why he got it? No offense to him, I'm just not super familiar with him so idk And yeah, although they did flip the image and they put in some books and movie posters on other parts of the website so I'm not really sure what it means and if they got permission for everything or not haha
  8. @bennydrama7 on Instagram got (what seems to be) a PR package from the village which is really cool! Its on his stories if you wanna check it out haha
  9. I would love that! And we could dress up our characters in some of Lana's iconic outfits (like from the album covers!) and hairstyles, maybe even makeup omg omg yes! I would buy every single thing from that makeup line haha
  10. Ikr and I think its funny that they flipped the image of it so its backwards haha
  11. I wonder if Lana likes Dove body wash and thats why they put in the beauty salon haha
  12. omg I'm hoping for a perfume or somethin
  13. I saw a couple people on reddit got shipping notifications for their village merch (clothing/accessories) so hopefully everyone else's ships soon too! I spent way too much money there so I'm hoping I'll get a shipping notification this week at least haha
  14. None of the clothing/accessories have shipped yet, and probably hasn't even been manufactured yet unfortunately
  15. The way that nothing will ship until the merch drop ends And the way that they kept advertising the merch would be limited But it seems its never going to end
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