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  1. omg I just got an Instagram ad like the ones for Amazon music and Spotify that Lana did but for Apple Music If she really is doing this for all streaming platforms then that has to mean something right??
  2. People have been seeing some ads on Instagram with Lana saying you can follow her on Amazon music for updates on new releases and another one today about listening to LMLYLAW on Spotify, but I think that's about it haha Hopefully these ads mean something will happen soon
  3. That could be true about the radio friendly thing, but I doubt that FIILY was the "radio friendly" single solely because it has "fuck" in the title and its part of the chorus that would have to be bleeped out and would end up not really sounding the same. I think Doin' Time was the "radio friendly" single for NFR and from what I remember they played it a shit ton on the radio, even during this past summer, a whole year after its release haha
  4. Maybe the lead single will be released sometime in the next month or so I can't see why else she would do an ad like that if she wasn't planning on releasing soon
  5. My birthday is on a Friday this year (March 12th) so I guess that means there's a small possibility it could be released on my birthday which would be awesome! But I'm still hoping for January or February haha
  6. That's true, December is still a possibility, but really only if she submitted the tracklist to start the vinyl process sometime between the book signing on October 2nd and October 16th. Going off of her estimate of 11 weeks, if she releases it right when the vinyls are done then it could be released sometime between December 18th and January 1st, but the fact that Ben said there is no release date yet and that the album isn't really done makes me a little less confident about that. But, then again, Lana announced NFR only about a month before it was released, so all the vinyl stuff could be underway and they just don't know a release date yet
  7. Same I'm hoping for February too I also kind of feel like this album isn't meant to be a summer album, like I feel like it just fits fall/winter better (but then again we've barely gotten any of the album or aesthetic) and I think a September or October release would've been perfect but, again, I'm hoping for January/February now that its pretty much confirmed its not coming in 2020
  8. I think its a possibility, but I also don't know if that would happen because at least three of the people who would be in that photoshoot are singers/musicians on their own and, even if they are featured on some songs, it doesn't really make sense to put them on the cover and potentially confuse casual fans of Lana or the other three. I think its more likely they were filming a video, or honestly they could've just been hanging out and it could have nothing to do with the album
  9. Apparantly someone stole his phone on Friday too which sucks but I wonder if there's anything related to Lana on there lol
  10. So on Ben's most recent post he commented to someone asking about the album release date saying "Lana will announce album date when we have it. Great art takes time to finish" so I guess this might mean the tracklist isn't done and she hasn't submitted it to start the vinyl process....
  11. I would love to get in december, but its just because of the vinyl thing that makes it more likely that it'll be released in January. If she submitted the tracklist last week (based on LMLYLAW being released) then 11 weeks from then would be the last week of December, and if she had submitted it the week before, it would be the same week as Christmas. I think maybe the preorder will be available before Christmas, but I really don't think the album will come out until January haha (I would love to be proven wrong though)
  12. I would love this tracklist! I honestly can't see LMLYLAW as anything but the opening, which might be just because it's the first song she's released for this album, but like....it just fits so well as the beginning! And I agree that Tulsa Jesus Freak and (maybe WHF) are more towards the middle, like Doin' Time, Love Song and Cinnamon Girl As for White Dress/Waitress, I remember she said it would be a defining moment for the album, so I could see it as like the fourth to last or third to last song, sort of like the "climax" of the album. Either that or I think that it could be in the middle, dividing the first half and the second in some way. Also, just envisioning a little story to go along with what we sort of know so far but: she wants to leave LA in LMLYLAW and she drives to the Midwest and goes to a lavish country club (Chemtrails mv vibes), meets a guy and possible decides to marry him (Bodega Bae look) but then in White Dress/Waitress she decides he's not the one for her and she doesn't want the lavish Country Club white dress lifestyle, and wants to go back to the simpler things (like being a waitress lol) and idk maybe she decides to end the album by going to Yosemite
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