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  1. omg I just got the shipping notification for my rose crewneck! I saw that another person got their shipping confirmation for it too so I think everyone's should be shipping soon as well
  2. I finally got an email response from Lana's store and it said that my order should ship "no later than late February" I got the rose crewneck and the black hoodie, for reference
  3. I guess that means that those items finished production first? I have no idea how Live Nation runs, but if I had to guess I'd say the reason for the delays has something to do with production I feel like the fact that they changed the mock up for the rose crewneck a while ago means that something changed with production, and now it's delayed? Or maybe it has to do with the embroidery on all the clothes? Either that or they're just sitting in boxes in their warehouse
  4. Just saw that the rose crewneck has been updated to say that it would be shipping out early January Its past early January like what haha
  5. Something I think is interesting is just how much white Lana is wearing this era (including the violet announcement video I guess too haha) like, obviously in the chemtrails music video and on both album covers. Obviously this represent a lot of things, like purity, opulence, innocence, or maybe just for the aesthetic of a ritzy, glamorous country club (plus there's white dress) But I think it would be interesting if at the beginning of the album, with the two music videos we get she's wearing all white, but then (if we even get any music videos for the second half/end of the album) if she wears black to represent that loss of innocence or opulence
  6. Yeah I'm not sure why either...@itsvenicebitch also said that it seemed like a lot of Australian stores had March 5th at a release date, but when I looked at some others they're all different. Like I think the others said they were shipping in April? It seems pretty confusing haha
  7. I don't know if anyone else saw this, but @itsvenicebitch on Instagram saw that the shipping date for chemtrails on jbhifi was March 5th and asked the store if that was a mistake and they said that that was the correct shipping date Here's the link if anyone's interested: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-del-rey-lana-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-red-vinyl-lp If it really is shipping March 5th, then so many people will have it that leaks are pretty much inevitable I'm pretty sure someone on here posted that storyline concept and then I guess someone reposted it to twitter haha
  8. Honestly it probably will be Unless the shipping gets delayed somehow and doesn't actually ship until later
  9. I just found it! It was on @itsvenicebitch stories on Instagram and the store was https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-del-rey-lana-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-red-vinyl-lp
  10. So, last night I saw on Instagram (I can't remember which account unfortunately) that an Australian store had chemtrails listed as being shipped on March 5th and the person who owned the account said they contacted the store and asked if it was a mistake, and they said no that it would ship on March 5th I can't find the site that they were talking about but they said they do worldwide shipping. I'm gonna keep looking for the post I saw though haha
  11. omg mines like 7 days before it comes out I think? Pisces really won this time haha
  12. omg I never even noticed these pictures correlations to Yosemite before! I definitely think you're on to something though If she did film a video for Yosemite back in 2016, I wonder if she would use that same footage or recreate it?
  13. Yes I would love things like this! And a wild at heart locket would be so cool! I really hope she makes some TJF merch too because that title is too good haha (maybe a flask?)
  14. Really though...I'm still hoping for some preppy sweaters or tea sets...maybe even some pearl jewelry or something with the release of the album lol
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